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Experience Our CEO Charles Ryder has been an integral part of the development of market research tools since White Chalk Road was founded in 1999 and was first trading as ‘WCR Internet Marketing’. Our team of SEO experts and specialists, paid search advertising consultants and marketing experts are dedicated to providing you with integrated solutions. We’re proud of the amazing results that our company has  been able to achieve for our clients and we’re confident in our professional search engine marketing service and our ability to make a difference to your business, to the extent we can predict results, create timeframes and set benchmarks that your company can measure us on.
SEO is a complicated science – but we’re a SEO specialist company and here to help you make sense of it. Every month, you’ll receive a customised report to track progress to date and ensure that we are achieving the benchmarks that we set out to achieve. We work transparently, disclosing details of our services, and we’re happy to answer any questions you have about your SEO project.
Results We take pride in the quality of our work and are always focused on gaining a solid return on investment for you. We are focused on outcomes and consider ourselves successful if we can make a difference to your business by helping you achieve your business goals. You’ll be assigned an account manager who is a trained SEO specialist able to review your company’s progress every month to assess whether there are any new ways to meet your objectives.
Targeted marketing Some search engine optimisation firms rely on keyword-based solutions only. We take a holistic approach, known as vertical online market research. This means we take the time to look closely into your market, the needs of your customers and how your competitors are positioned, to help realise the full potential of your website. We conduct research into your business, using leading software applications and our strategic marketing knowledge to select search phrases to target the right audience. This targeting will help to grow your business in a particular market, Perth, Australia-wide or internationally.
Cutting edge
We strive for continuous improvement and are affiliated with several SEO and marketing associations and professional groups in Perth and Australia wide. We review our software applications and methods of research in the dynamic and very competitive online market to increase your online presence, ahead of your competitors.

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