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Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of adjusting a website using structural design and content writing techniques that will assist pages of the website to position well in the major search engines for keyword phrases relevant to its target market. Search engine optimisation starts with researching the search terms (or keyword phrases) that describe the services and/or products of the target site in the exact form that searchers on Google et al have typically used them.


How Search Engine Optimisation Works
There are two basic criteria that you’ll have to satisfy in order to achieve high rankings for your website, relevance and reputation. In our example showcase we evaluate two competing websites and the impact of both factors on the ranking of each of the sites.


Search Engine Optimisation Service
Our Search Engine Optimisation Service is broken down into two main parts – the SEO and Web Marketing of your website. By approaching the task of increasing the ranking of your website, it is important to satisfy both the relevance and reputation with equal importance, as outlined in the ‘how search engine optimisation works’ example in the section above. We’ve listed a step by step approach of our services and outline what makes up our offerings.


Keyword Research
The most important factor before optimising your site is the research into your market to identify target key phrases that internet users use to find your product or service and information such as level of competitiveness, search volumes and relevance. Keyword Research for SEO is a complex process and there are quite a number of research options available including the discovery of market share.


Copywriting  & Content Management
Apart from the standard inclusion of important keyword phrases in SEO relevant areas of content, assistance in web content development and copywriting may be provided in our premium+ level web marketing plan or quoted separately, depending on the needs of a client.


Link Building Services
Link Building is an important part of the SEO of your site as it is the online virtual equivalent of networking and reputation management in the offline world. Learn more about why you need it and how we build your online reputation.


Benchmark and Monthly Marketing Reports
As part of our SEO, we provide you with monthly position reports and give you an executive summary of your general website performance (KPIs). These reports show last month comparatives and include KPIs that can be compared to the original benchmark report.


Local Search and Maps
Optimising for local search and Google Maps is an important part of any Non-Paid Search campaign and we have the skills to assist a client to get the most out of any opportunity.