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Ads Management

Get Expert Help with Google Ads Management

Need expert help with Google Ads management? Talk to the advertising specialists at White Chalk Road.

Whether you’re not getting results from your existing Google Ads account, or you want to start your first ads campaign you can rely on WCRs Google certified Ads specialists to get results.

As a Google Premier PPC advertising partner, we’re dedicated to your success.

Premier status is a level of recognition reserved for Google’s most valued agencies and is achieved through high performance in client Ads accounts as well as demonstrated knowledge and expertise across Google’s advertising products.

Partnership also provides access to the newest features in Google Ads, which can be implemented in client accounts often before your competitors.

Get help with your Google Ads account or start advertising online.

Get Google Ads Management

Google Ads Management Process

You will be appointed an ads specialist to manage your account. Management includes:

Account Setup/Review

Includes standard account setup (or review and restructure of existing account setup) and campaign setup based on research.

Monthly Account Optimisation

Update and optimisation of campaigns, create new ads, modify keywords, refine targeting, apply suggestions, update account structure based on your requirements.

Monthly Reporting

We provide a written monthly report of account performance

Fees/Ad Spend

You pay a management fee to White Chalk Road. Ad spend is paid direct to Google from to your credit card.

Find out more about Google Ads management and how PPC advertising can benefit your business.

Benefits of Google Ads Management

Google Ads management can save you time and money and help keep control over your online advertising campaigns.

The more efficiently your Google Ads account is set up, the quicker you will see results without blowing your budget.

Your account should be structured so it’s highly relevant to your website and the results you want to achieve.

While Google Ads has a lot of possibilities to run automated campaigns, those campaigns still need to be monitored and optimised based on performance targets.

When you’re spending money to get results, advertising is never a set and forget strategy.

In addition, with many ad types available and regular changes to the Ads platform and best practices, professional Ads management can ensure you’re always getting the best from your advertising.

Get Results, Save Time and Money
When Advertising Online
Get Google Ads Management