Advanced Call Tracking Software


Understand what generates phone calls to your business and trace calls to online and offline sources with call tracking.

Call tracking is a valuable marketing tool if you depend on phone calls for leads or for servicing clients or customers.

Call tracking comprises software to track the source of your phone calls and subsequent conversions, allowing you to monitor which areas of your marketing – digital and offline – are performing well or those that may need improvement.

It’s an essential tool for any business that relies on phone calls and wants to increase call volume and revenue.

If you want to determine the efficiency of your marketing channels and learn more about customer behaviour, then call tracking is the right service for you.


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Call Tracking Benefits

While call tracking is beneficial in measuring the success of your marketing, streamlining your marketing budget and identifying new opportunities, it is also a handy way to enhance website performance and make your SEO campaigns more efficient.

Through call tracking you can learn:

  • The keyword that brought the person to your website
  • Source of conversion
  • User’s activity on your website
  • Caller’s phone number
  • Agent who picked up the phone
  • Caller’s region
  • User’s device (and its screen resolution)
  • Length of call
  • Conversation recording

This information is helpful in determining the efficiency of your marketing, as well as gathering more info about your customers.

From a return on investment perspective you can determine cost per call generated, sales conversion percentage and cost per sale achieved.


How Call Tracking Works

Call tracking uses a variety of different phone numbers that automatically forward to your business phone number.

With call tracking from White Chalk Road:

  • You receive a unique number for each of your marketing channels and campaigns
  • Your White Chalk Road search marketing manager will publish your numbers in your online campaigns
  • The call system tracks and records the calls
  • We report the details to you and provide a recording of each call
  • You can use this data to optimise your marketing and customer services programs

Call Tracking Uses on the Web

Integrating a call tracking service into your online marketing can assist with your organic and paid marketing campaigns through:

Organic search You’ll be able to determine which landing pages are generating calls to your business
Pay per click campaigns You can see which keywords are driving conversions (and therefore business for you)
Digital advertising campaigns By using a different telephone number on each ad you run, you will be able to tell which display adverts perform best

In addition, you’ll be able to listen in on calls, providing insight into your company’s customer service and where your sales team can make improvements when handling inbound calls.

Find out more about how call tracking can benefit your marketing and get started tracking calls today.