At Search London, Lisa Myers, the CEO of Verve Search spoke about link building and how to get the best links from clients. LinkLove London took place the week previous where link building was also a hot topic. As an seo perth agency, we keep up to date with the latest news and events taking place, even if some of them are in London.
Link building is not about buying links and we do not encourage that. It is about building relationships with bloggers and key influencers. The big update from Google last year that shook up the seo world was Panda. It was not, as some people think an algorithm update, it was more of a site quality update. The update affected the links quality of a site. Those websites that had low PageRank and were engaging in bad link building techniques were penalised.
Lisa Myers suggested two ways to build links:
1) Link Analysis and Link Prospecting

Once we have identified the sites we analyse the anchor text, the number of links to the site and the strength of these links. We also have a look at their other marketing strategies to see whether they would be a good blog to work with.

You may be wondering “How do they find these sites?”, well a lot of it is manual, as blogger outreach cannot be automatic. We use a number of different syntaxes to search for new and specialised blogs which Lisa also described such as:

Keyword + “blog”

We make sure that the selected blogs meet the clients’ needs and what we think their visitors will be interested in and searching for. We also look at some of the Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin profiles of the blogs we are targeting, to make sure that they are relevant to the client.

2) Link Development

We want to build relationships not just links and therefore we want to use the contacts we have built previously. We have a number of bloggers we are in touch with and they are always keen to receive new content. We do tailor the content according to the tone and style of the blog. We also contact partners of clients as they may not have necessarily linked back to the client.

A growing area in seo which is becoming more important is link baiting. This is a piece of digital content (can be a video, post, image) which increases the chance of a client getting more organic links to their site which is the ultimate aim in seo. Infographics are very popular pieces of link bait which if done well, will result in higher visibility. The best thing about link bait is that people will share it and come to you, which is why it is important to have the link bait hosted on your site.

Link building is very important in seo and should be part of an overall seo and marketing strategy to ensure visible results.

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