10 Reasons Adding Video Will Improve Your Website Performance

Watching online videos is rapidly becoming an international pastime. Since over 60 percent of Australian internet users watch videos online, adding video content to your website is an easy way to improve your website’s performance on many key metrics. There are endless reasons why you should choose to add a video into your marketing mix, here are my top 10:

1. Better Share Statistics

Videos and photos are more likely to be seen on Facebook, where much of what members see on their social feed is controlled by algorithms. Users are also more likely to share a video than a text status update, helping you get wider organic spread.

2. Videos Improve Information Retention

Studies have shown that people retain only a small amount of what they read, and more of what they hear and see. By offering a video, especially if it includes closed captioning or a transcript, you can give content and copywriting information to people in three distinct ways, dramatically increasing their understanding and retention of the information.

3. They Help Increase Conversions

Clever video content may help to improve conversions for your company. The key to content marketing is presenting interesting, useful information in innovative ways to draw in potential customers. A top online marketing agency will be adept at using a variety of video strategies and know exactly how to use them for your company to get the most conversions. With video consumption rapidly increasing, using video helps show that your company is relevant and engaged.

4. Videos Keep Your Website Fresh

To maintain a strong Google presence, adding fresh content on a regular basis is vital. Many people find sitting down to write a blog intimidating, but picking up their phone to record a video is less frightening. Regularly adding video content in the forms of demonstrations, live usage videos, and promotional videos keeps your website fresh without overwhelming your workload.

5. Video is Ideal for Mobile Users

More and more Internet users are mobile dependent, meaning that they primarily or solely access the Internet from their mobile phone. Reading a lot of text on the tiny screen of a phone can be cumbersome, but offering video can keep mobile users from clicking away.

6. Transcripts Provide SEO Opportunities

Offering transcripts of your videos is a not only a smart decision from an accessibility point of view, making your content fully available to users who are deaf or hard of hearing. But transcribing your videos also helps you get great SEO marketing results. Just make sure your keywords are included in your video, and then they’ll show up as searchable in your transcripts.

7. YouTube Results Show On Google

Since YouTube is owned by Google, Google search results often turn up YouTube videos. This has the potential to give you twice the search results, when both your video (which you have wisely loaded to YouTube) and your website turn up in customer searches.

8. Increases Time Spent on Websites

One of the key conversion metrics of a website may be how long customers stay on the site before making a purchase or clicking away. A video engages viewers and keeps them on your website longer, increasing the chance of conversion. This is an important technical SEO aspect you should focus on.

9. You Can Use a Video to Clarify Your Products or Services

When you write about your product or service, it’s possible for customers to take your message in many different ways. When you show how the item is used in a video, customers will have a better understanding of what they’re being offered, and how it will fit into their life.

10. A Video Will Showcase Your Personality

Good website content showcases a company’s personality, but much of written tone is open to interpretation. With a video, you can show off your company’s quirky nature, or present a video which is buttoned down in tone. Customers will understand your company better when they see the video content you create.

The evidence is clear; by making high quality videos, you can increase customer engagement, improve results on your website, and see your conversions improve. There are many different tools available to help you create video content, from DIY tools to full-creation services from a skilled content marketing agency. Whatever method you chose, get some video content on your website today.  Contact the team here at White Chalk Road to see how content marketing can work for your business.

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