4 Guest Post Outreach Opportunities to Avoid in 2014

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    Given Matt Cutts’ recent post announcing the death of guest posting through copywriting for SEO purposes, I thought it might be fun and helpful to have a look at four guest post outreach opportunities we should be avoiding in 2014.

    1.     The Old Switcheroo Webmaster

    The Old Switcheroo Webmaster 1

    This slippery fella buys a bunch of expired domains with a bit of PageRank regardless of the theme and points them all at his new whizz bang ‘content’ site. This inflates the new site’s PR making it look at face value like a quality guest post target. However, this site’s link profile is dirtier than a toddler’s face during mealtime. Using Open Site Explorer or MajesticSEO to look behind the scenes and you’ll work out what’s going on fairly quickly. It’s not unheard of to see this site advertised on at the same time, too.

    2.     The One-Stop-Shop Portal Webmaster

    The One Stop Shop Portal Webmaster1

    This guy’s website covers every possible niche under the sun. You know the one; it lists content about autos, alongside computers, employment, business, green tech, landscaping, home improvement, and leprechaun sightings etc. He’s the ‘authority’ on all things everything and he’s spreading himself thinner than a boarding house scrape of butter. In Google’s eyes he’s a bit like a Jack-of-all-trades and a master of none.

    3.     The Wheeler Dealer Webmaster

    The Wheeler Dealer Webmaster

    Webmasters are inundated with guest post requests these days and they’re working out there’s a quid to be made out of us marketers hungrily looking for somewhere to publish our content. You reach out to this guy and he responds with: “yes, but my fee is $200/year”. You leave the conversation there and after a couple of days he emails you, dropping the price and continues to reduce the fee hoping you’ll be enticed back – everyone has their price, right? There’s more discounting going on here than you’ll see at a Persian rug fire sale.

    4.     The Pseudo Webmaster

    The Pseudo Webmaster

    This shady character will pretend he’s the owner of multiple authority sites and reach out to you offering to publish a piece of your content for a fee (usually between $50 and $100).  The email is usually written in broken English and the whole affair smells worse than a wet dog and what gives him away is his lack of bricks and mortar contact details, spammy Gmail address or both. A little reconnaissance work through Whois, LinkedIn and the authority sites themselves soon ensures that for this charlatan, the jig is most certainly up. While most seasoned SEOs and inbound marketers can pick these off a mile away, hopefully we can help those who are a bit greener to the online marketing world steer clear of some potentially very harmful link building.

    Do you know of any other breeds of webmaster to avoid like the plague? If you’d like help with formulating a content and link building strategy for your business, reach out to us here or by phone (08) 9361 9534.

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