4 Paid Search Options to Get Results for Your Business

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    No matter the size or industry, a resounding majority of businesses need to be easily found online, in order to survive. According to the Australian Communications and Media Authority’s 2016-17 Communications Report, 89 per cent of Australian adults are accessing the internet, with 100 per cent saturation in the 18-34 year old age range. This means being invisible online, is not an option.

    If you have read this blog in the past, you will know we are strong believers in the value of a solid SEO Strategy, to help build your organic presence online, and ensure you are regularly seen in your customer’s search results. SEO Strategies take thorough research and time to be executed successfully, and with planning and patience, you will see the rewards of your efforts.

    While SEO should always be a big part of your online marketing strategy, there are also times, when Paid Search advertising can be used, to complement your SEO efforts, and increase its effectiveness. Below we have put together a list of some useful paid search options for Perth business. There are plenty more out there, so speak to your Search Marketing expert about putting together a SEO and Paid Search Strategy that will work effectively for your business.

    Google Ads

    It’s no secret that Google is, by far, the biggest player in the marketplace. So any business who needs to be found online, should certainly consider including Google Ads in their paid search strategy. The ads can be tailored to only show locally to your target market, so you can target Perth or a particular suburb, and you can design different ads for your various clients. Depending on your advertising goals, you can choose between various campaign options, including Google Search Ads, Google Display Ads, Google Shopping Ads and Video Ads.

    You can start with any budget, and adjust as you go. Do your research and make sure you set up the right Campaign and Budget to reach your goals.

    Bing Ads

    Similar to Google Ads, Bing Ads are shown on the Bing Network, and you have the same options for choosing between the Search or Display ad types. According to Bing, the Bing Network powers one in nine Australian searches and delivers 166 million searches every month. There is no minimum spend, so it’s worth trialling this option, and measuring the return on investment.

    LinkedIn Advertising

    This is a great tool for business to business sales. With over eight million Australians now using Linkedin, this can be a powerful tool to target professionals. A big draw card, is LinkedIn allows you to target the ads to specific job titles, locations and other demographics, so you can hone in on the right professionals and industry, relevant for your business. There are various advertising options, including sponsored content, text ads and direct inbox mail, to send messages directly to your targeted recipients.


    Facebook is the best tool for any business to consumer marketing. With literally two billion people logging into Facebook each month, the platform is a huge source of marketing data. You can use Facebook ads to drill down to your customers by demographics, behaviours or contact information. Once you create your ads, you can show them to your audience via Facebook, Instagram and their audience network.

    With so many options, it’s best to start by understanding your audience. Once you know who they are, and what platforms are most relevant to them, you can begin to build your online marketing strategy. Speak to our team of Search Marketing experts today, to help your business succeed online.

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