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4 Tips to Increase Your Website’s Audience

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    The internet is a big and busy world with over 634 million websites, 100 million blogs and still growing every minute. So with this being said how do you stand out from everyone else and attract a bigger crowd to your website and information?

    It doesn’t matter if you are a business owner, a blogger, designer or a marketing professional, if you don’t have a website that’s attracting large audience – then your hard work is going to waste.  Everyone can benefit from driving traffic to their site and blog, so here a few tips to feed your audience’s hunger for constant, fresh and engaging information.

    1. Content is Good, But Creativity is Better

    We all know the importance of content and how it drives traffic to your website, but this doesn’t just go for anything slapped together. Whilst content is good, no one is going to share (or read!) something that is dull and characterless.

    There are two main objectives when boosting traffic and that is to find an audience that will most likely share your content with others and then most importantly, feed them content that is worthy of being shared.  Adding a blog to your website will fuel your audience’s appetite and keep them coming back for me. Write well, and write often to not only spark but maintain their interest.

    2. Optimise Your Articles

    Sometimes though it doesn’t matter how creative or exciting your content is, with the millions of blogs and websites out there, if it’s not optimised properly then it will have a higher chance of being lost rather than enjoyed and shared.

    Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the top way to drive organic (natural) traffic to your site when used properly. For a successful webpage, SEO needs three main ingredients: keywords, description and Meta titles. SEO strategies can help produce valuable content for readers while simultaneously helping business owners drive traffic to their websites.  Take advantage of keywords and excellent content to boost your rankings, but don’t overload them and produce keyword-stuffed articles as search engines will view this as spammy and penalise you.

    3. Stick Around

    Driving traffic to your website and blog doesn’t just happen overnight. The longer you are in the business and producing quality content online, the more likely you will be recognised by major search engines like Google and show up in the search results.

    Great content and blogging takes time, so be in it all the way for the benefits to shine through. Whipping out a bunch of articles is all very well and good, but keeping them going for years instead of weeks or months will make the big difference.

    4. Join the Conversation

    Learning to participate in well-established communities where your audience is already involved in is important. First, you need to find the websites where they most frequently gather and learn to work with these established brands.

    Once you have found these hot spots, engaging them from your own website is your next step. Find social media platforms and message boards where your audience post on and join the conversation.

    Embrace the power of comments; they are one of the simplest and essential ways to increase your site’s traffic. Responding to comments on your own blog will increase loyalty and show your readers you have time for them and value their opinions. On the other hand, leaving comments on other blogs or social media platforms can create a back link to your own site. By making informative comments, your audience is more likely to click on the link to visit your website and blog.

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