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5 Incredibly Simple Ways to Keep People Coming Back to Your Site

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    Almost anyone can put together a very basic website if they’re shown how to. But to create something that hooks visitors into it and keeps generating their interest is a whole new ball game. As a business owner, you want people to be reminded of your brand and services when they need something in your niche. A technically sound website with SEO strategy, one that is so rich in what it offers, compels its visitors to “stick around” and most of all – come back often.

    A site that has the ability to hook you in (and keep you there!) is organised, user-friendly and radiates appeal; it’s a “sticky website” and all business owners and marketing professionals want one. Encouraging first-time visitors to come to your site again is challenging, but one of the most important indicators of a fantastic website is the rate of these people returning. It takes more than just a dynamic web design and captivating content though to leave a lasting impression, there are other tools you need to consider – here are 5 tips to help you create a sticky site.

    1. Create…Fresh and Interesting Content

    A sticky site has new content to share with its visitors on a regular basis. Users know it’s here, and they trust it’s consistently updated so they check back in to read the latest news – that is, if it’s exciting and compelling enough. Content doesn’t always have to be in the form of articles so aim to mix it up on your website with videos, images and interesting posts. A great way to stay in touch with your customer’s minds is to start a blog. This sparks interest and entices people to leave comments and share the article with others.

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    2. Create… Conversations Directly to Your Customers

    Not everyone understands your industry as well as you so make sure you use the right language and conversation tools for your customers. Stay away from industry jargon and put your message and content into words they can relate too and understand. Talking down to people or making things too complicated will only direct them to your competitor’s website instead.

    3. Create… An E-Newsletter

    Creating an e-newsletter is one of the most effective ways to keep the conversation going with your customers. It builds relationships with new and existing visitors and directs them back to your website by offering insight into the latest industry news. Use your e-newsletter as a trusted source of information your customer are interested in reading about, as opposed to a selling tool for your products and services. Include helpful tips, mentioning of new staff or clients to ensure they feel welcomed and hot topics they want to read about. Like your content, keep it fresh and exciting.

    4. Create… A Good Reputation

    Showing users your business has a good reputation is crucial when the World Wide Web is filled with scams and devious characters. If your business is consistently satisfying the growing community of customers, then don’t be afraid to show it off with testimonials. New blurbs should be submitted by customers talking about your business, brand, services and products and published constantly by you on your website. This helps to encourage the honest impression your business has and how well you provide useful, quality and valuable services to them.

    5. Create… Answers to the Questions Customers are asking

    Striking designs and enticing content is a great start for an effective website, but if it doesn’t provide relevant information – people will be quick to leave. As curious beings, we all have a lot of questions running through our minds and customers want them answered. When it comes to your niche, take the time to listen to your customers and prospects about what they want. Feeding them with the answers to their questions will give them a reason to want to pay attention to you.

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