5 Reasons Why You Need to Contribute to Your SEO Strategy

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    For Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to be effective, it needs to involve both parties – the SEO agency and the client. It’s not a service you can just appoint to a firm, sit back and relax and expect the magic to happen; it’s a complicated online marketing tactic that needs the masterminds of everyone involved.

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    Without a consistent contribution to your SEO strategy chances are, you won’t get the results you are after. Every big investment requires a little work on your behalf and the art of SEO is absolutely no different. Working closely with your SEO provider for the best results is essential, here’s why.

    1. You Are the Expert in Your Industry

    No one knows your industry like you do and this is why it’s so important you teach us about it! As your local SEO provider, we will be the specialised expert in the field of online marketing, content marketing and Search Engine Optimisation, but when it comes to your business – you are the expert.

    As an SEO company, we will have the ability to fine tune and finesse your writing, but you have the in-depth knowledge that your customers want to read and know about. By educating us with this information and providing us with a good starting point to work with, we can produce interesting well fleshed out content that your customers and people in the industry can benefit from.

    2. Failure to Input Leaves a Gap in Customer Experience

    With your industry knowledge and regular input, we are able to spend more time working on what we do best – marketing your brand and website. You know your customers better than anyone so you’re in a much better position to shine light on what it is your customers want and exactly what they are looking for when they visit your website.

    A well devised content marketing strategy is a big part of what drives the success of your SEO strategy. When used wisely, content can grow a larger sales funnel by appealing to what customers need and answering their questions effectively. Because we don’t deal with your customers on a regular basis, it’s up to you to provide us with the information we need to create great content and a successful SEO strategy for you. Failure to do this can leave a detrimental gap in the customer experience.

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    3. No One Knows Your Business Like You Do

    As an industry expert, you live and breathe your business on a day-to-day basis. This is extremely helpful to us as your SEO provider because it means you know why your business is better than your competitors. Whilst we can research into the industry and stay on top of updates, news and competitors, you are the best person to provide us with your unique selling points and what makes your services better than everyone else’s out there.

    4. Failure to Contribute Means a Reduced ROI

    For the best results of your SEO strategy, combined efforts from everyone involved is vital. This ensures we are all on the same page and maximises your online marketing results significantly.

    To help us help you, keep us in the loop with any marketing initiatives you are running. Whilst we may not be directly involved in your traditional marketing tactics, it’s ideal to think of your SEO agency as an extension of your sales and marketing team so we can help measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

    Communication levels should always be kept open and honest between the SEO provider and client so we are aware with how your business is going, relevant updates in the industry and information your customers can benefit from. This helps us to drive better suited content for your business and if there’s any issues in the industry, we can help by shedding some positive light on the situation and boosting it with media coverage.

    5. The More Small Things You Can Do, the More Time Your SEO Agency Can Focus on Their Work

    Because you are paying us for our time and resources to provide you with the best SEO outcome, it makes sense to both parties to get back to each other with information quickly. If we are spending time following up or trying to get hold of you, that’s valuable time we could be spending on your website, technical SEO work and content marketing.

    The best way to avoid this is to get back at your earliest convenience. We understand too, that you are busy running a business but the quicker content and work is reviewed, the quicker we can go back to working on the success of your SEO strategy. If you don’t think you can get work back to us in time, let us know and we can plan around it.

    As your SEO provider, we understand you are spending a lot of money to get the results you want from your investment, so we want to work with you as best as possible to ensure this happens.

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