5 Reasons Wine & SEO are so Similar

Who doesn’t enjoy that first sip of wine after a long day? Whether it’s a Margaret River Chardonnay, Swan Valley Shiraz or a Great Southern Riesling – it’s the perfect way to ‘wine-d’ down.

Some people could say the feeling of excitement and happiness you get from a glass or bottle of wine can be likened to working with a good SEO services agency that gets you results. And I’m not just talking about getting you to #1 on the Google search result pages. I am talking about getting you visitors to your website who genuinely want to buy from you or know more about your service.

After all, SEO is the new online public relations – “a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organisations and their publics” says Stuart Elliot from the New York Times.

So, the question is; how can someone say wine and SEO are similar? You’d be surprised at how much these two topics have in common! So why not pour yourself a nice full glass of your favourite tipple and continue reading…

Good Things Take Time


Yes, it may only be a $20 bottle of wine, but the amount of work and heart that goes into every bottle is extensive. From the years’ it takes to plant and grow quality grapes, to harvesting the grapes and finally turning the grapes into a quality product, it all take time. Let alone if you’re making a style of wine like a red or sparkling wine that requires various years of aging in barrels, tanks or bottles.

Take for example the Evans & Tate Redbrook Cabernet Sauvignon from Margaret River, typically this red wine is aged for 2-4 years in old French oak barriques before undergoing extended maturation (ageing) in in bottle prior to being released to the public. The youngest vintage currently on the market is the 2012.


Results don’t happen overnight in SEO and if they do – well it’s safe to say some dodgy black hat SEO techniques have been used and therefore your success will be short lived. Google released a video in February 2017 about how to hire an SEO and specifically stated; ‘In most cases, SEOs need four months to a year to help your business first implement improvements and then see potential benefit’.

And then of course the longer you engage a good SEO company who use white-hat techniques, the better that success will taste.

It’s Constantly Evolving


There’s two parts to this point. Firstly, wine is constantly evolving. Whether it’s in a barrel, tank, a bottle or in your glass. Secondly, viticulture and winemaking techniques used by winemakers and viticulturalists are always being improved upon and new ideas are being trialled.

For instance, in the Great Southern you have brands like Brave New Wine who employ techniques like fermentation in ceramic eggs and extended skin contact for their white wines. Not to mention their unique bottles.


When you work in the SEO industry, you never stop reading. There is so much out there to learn and understand because Google is constantly updating algorithms and best practise guidelines. To make sure your getting the best out of your SEO dollars it’s important to stay up to date with the latest industry news and adapt strategies and techniques accordingly. What SEOs were doing 10 years ago, or even 5 years ago, won’t cut it now if you want results. Evolving with the time in the SEO industry is a must.

Quality over Quantity


I don’t know about you guys but as soon as I got out of university and had a real full-time job, I gave up on trying to buy the most wine for the littlest amount of money. These days I’d rather drink what my palate likes and deserves at a pace that doesn’t set me up for disaster the following day.


Quality content is a pivotal part of any SEO strategy. Yes, as SEOs we say that websites need plenty of text-based pages – but we only want these if they are full of high quality copy and are useful and interesting to the user. If you tick these boxes, then your content will be regarded higher by Google too.

Along these lines, if you are outsourcing your SEO to a specialist agency – then it’s not the time to skimp. If the SEO services are cheap, your website will be left with one awful goon (box wine) hangover.

Provides a Good Experience


Self-explainable. It’s alcohol, it’s meant to be consumed and enjoyed.


Technical SEO is all about providing a good experience for the user and for Google. A strong structure, fast loading pages and clear call-to-actions will enhance your results and impressions of your brand. This also covers making sure your website is working to the best of its ability for not only desktop users but people on mobile devices and tablets.

First Impressions can be Deceiving


I completely admit that I am a sucker for a pretty wine label, and yes sometimes the contents matches the beauty on the outside. But sometimes it doesn’t. Blind tasting is good to help understand different styles and types of wine but it’s also a good way to take away that marketing aspect and let your palate work out what it likes.


The prettiest of websites with the coolest gadgets and bits and pieces can look amazing.  But the sad fact of the matter is that, this doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll be appealing to Google. Google wants your website to appeal to users but all that code and bits and pieces that make up the website need to function properly so Google can crawl and ‘understand’ your website.

So, there you have it, wine and SEO do have a few things in common and hopefully this post will help you digest a bit more about both subjects.

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