5 Truthful Reasons Why Content Marketing Fails

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    No one likes to fail, in anything we do – quite frankly, failure sucks! According to a recent post by Rand Fishkin, co-founder of Moz, most content marketing efforts we do will in fact… fail. Businesses and marketers launch into content marketing with zest and excitement but for so many it still just doesn’t make the cut, and you’re left to sit there and question why. So why does content marketing fail exactly? Here are 5 reasons.

    1. You Believed the Biggest Myth Content Marketing Ever Told the World

    Content marketing is more than just planting a few social media plugins on your site and some random (somewhat) decent posts over the internet. It’s not as easy as writing one great piece of content and expecting all the traffic, business and money to start rolling in. If you believe this – then you’ve fallen for the first trap.

    There are many companies out there investing all their time, money and energy into content marketing on the assumption it will work this easily.

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    Unfortunately – it doesn’t quite work like that. Content marketing is about defining the mission, holding attention for a long period of time (not just grabbing your audience’s attention) and creating something consistently that’s of true value and relevant. When you get this part down pact, you start to build a relationship with real people – and real relationships consist of trust and familiarity. This takes time and skill. In all the hundreds of links your reader could’ve clicked on, what makes your article worth reading?

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    2. You Made Content without a Community

    Great articles don’t just go viral because they’re great. Although, of course, it plays a huge role in content marketing – it needs guts. It needs to inspire people, challenge people and support their hunger for fresh and exciting information.

    Your content needs to be smart and important; “good” doesn’t cut it. Before you create content ask yourself “who will support and amplify this content and why”? This way, your great content is backed up – this leads to more shares and a viral frenzy.

    3. You Invested in Content Creating, But Not in its Amplification

    Creating great content is time consuming and hard work so it’s no wonder content marketers can feel somewhat exhausted after it. You write a great piece, you post it and you walk away from it to let the wonderful internet do its thing. With this attitude though, is your content really going to reach its full potential? Probably not…

    Really great content is amplified after it’s written and posted. The time spent on getting the goods out there is equal, if not greater, than what it took to write the piece. Broadcast your piece and be proud of it! This can be done through events, people and the beauty of social media. But don’t just expect people to share it – sharing is all about relationships and this is why a trusted community is essential.

    4. You Ignored Content’s Most Powerful Channel: SEO

    Content marketing is a vital ingredient of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO); the two go hand in hand and must work together. Without effective content marketing, it’s incredibly hard to earn the types of links that will confer domain authority and search engine rankings.

    It doesn’t just benefit your piece of great content though, as your post on a site earns links, it lifts the SEO tide and helps other pages on that domain rank better. Imagine if you were doing this for your website!?

    5. You Gave Up Way Too Soon

    Failure sucks. And I hate to be the downer here, but it’s going to happen a lot of times before you start to succeed. We don’t like failure, but we need it.

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    It doesn’t happen overnight, hell; it doesn’t even happen in a week. The biggest mistake we make with content marketing is we give up too early. We don’t see results, we get fed up and we abandon ship – it’s the easiest thing to do. The price of success though is failure, after failure, after failure. These failures are really opportunities to learn, disguised as horrible little things that distract us from the bigger picture.

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