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    Whether you’re a marketer at a digital marketing agency, a large corporation or a small business, there’s always a seemingly never ending number of tasks to get through on a daily basis.

    If you’re anything like me, typically working with 15 or more tabs open in the one web browser just to have everything you need in front of you it can be tricky to stay organised and complete everything you need to on time.

    It’s also a hassle to find the right tools to save time and money, and ones that effectively simplify all the day-to-day responsibilities and activities in the life of a marketer.

    So here are six fantastic must-have tools that marketers need to be using. Better yet they’re all free, so they won’t spoil the budget!

    1. Hootsuite

    Hootsuite is one of the best social media management and scheduling tools out there. It’s particularly useful for individuals or teams managing and maintaining a presence across multiple social networks.


    • You can manage and schedule posts for many different social sites (such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, WordPress, Foursquare and LinkedIn) all in the one place.
    • It has an easy to use all-in-one tab interface where you can monitor your posts, scheduled posts, mentions, messages and more by adding in different streams.
    • It also makes it easier to work as a team. For example, you can delegate replies to direct messages or mentions to different team members.


    2. Trello

    Trello is a great project management tool for individual or collaborative projects. It helps to increase productivity at work by organising your own and your team’s work into a changeable virtual bulletin board. If you’re big on list making Trello will be your new best friend.


    • Trello makes it easy to get a clear visual picture of all your tasks, to delegate tasks, to see what other group members are working on, to set deadlines and see what has been successfully completed.
    • Using to-do cards on different boards users can add comments to each project, upload files, make checklists, assign team members and set due dates.
    • There is a notification system where each member can be notified of changes, updates or deadlines on different boards.
    • Moving cards into the complete or done list is also very satisfying. Plus, it’s a great motivator to keep progressing on a project when you can clearly see everything you’ve achieved that day.


    3. Google Analytics

    Google Analytics (GA) is one of the easiest ways to monitor the performance of your website, understand your visitors’ behaviour and improve the effectiveness of your online marketing using real-time analytics and progress reports. It’s the main tool used by SEO service providers due to the wealth of information it provides.


    • GA allows you to track your social media engagement and the effectiveness of social marketing campaigns on both web and mobile devices.
    • It helps you analyse both your website and social content allowing you to identify what works and gets the most views and traffic, and which content doesn’t.
    • Advertising analytics lets you monitor the performance of your online ads.
    • If you find all of GA’s stats and graphs a bit overwhelming, Google provides free training on their Analytics Academy to improve your analytical skills.

    4. Canva

    Canva allows anybody to become an amateur graphic designer. You can create quality designs for your marketing materials, documents, presentations, social media graphics and more quickly and easily without having a lot of technical knowledge or background in design.


    • Canva has everything you need to create high quality designs. Including millions of images, photo filters, icons, shapes and hundreds of fonts.
    • It’s easy to use. You can create amazing designs in minutes by dragging and dropping the images and symbols you want, and selecting the fonts, filters or effects you want to use.
    • Canva offers free tutorials in design through their Design School.


    5. Slack

    Slack is an internal messaging tool that streamlines interoffice communication and reduces the need for lengthy email threads, text messages, meetings and face-to-face desk side discussions with your colleagues, giving you more time to get things done.


    • The great thing about Slack is that it archives all your team messages, uploaded document content and private discussions into the one searchable platform. You can even filter your search options to conversations with individuals, by date, or a particular channel or group.
    • It makes it easy to collaborate on projects, share files and images, and give feedback quickly in the real time messaging app on your PC or phone via the different channels or groups you create.
    • Slack can be integrated with other services you already use and give you notifications and updates from them. Platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Google Drive and Trello can all be integrated into your notifications.


    6. Evernote

    Does inspiration or a bright idea ever strike when you’re doing a mundane activity, like riding the tram to work or grocery shopping? Then you should try cataloguing your thoughts on Evernote. Evernote is a note-taking app that conveniently syncs your notes across all your devices so you never lose one of your light bulb moments again.


    • Evernote can maintain and store a wide variety of content, not just your jotted down notes. You can upload images from your computer or phone, record voice memos and make the content of PDF files searchable.
    • You can also organise your notes into different notebooks and add multiple tags to each one so it’s easy to refer back to at a later date.
    • Evernote has an Optical Character Recognition feature where you can scan an image or document and convert it into searchable text.

    We hope these six free tools help you to stay organised and work more productively. If you found this article informative feel free to share it via the platforms below.

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    Larissa Gardner is a blogger, social media strategist and marketing coordinator at arguably Australia’s best looking real estate website Homely.com.au. With over 330K listings and 500K local reviews and insights, Homely is a faster and easier way to search for property to buy and rent in Australia.

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