7 Habits of Highly Effective Business Bloggers, Where Do You Fit In?

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    It doesn’t matter whether you are a business blogging novice or a blogger extraordinaire, keeping a business blog is a core element of any successful marketing plan. It’s not just about having a good content calendar and the ability to write though; effective business blogs take time, passion, dedication and a lot of inspiration. Copywriting is the heart and soul of your marketing, so you want it to be effective.

    Developing a business blog for your website is a chance to connect people to your brand, vision and personality of your company. It assists in developing relationships with your customers, boosting Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and drives positive results that are long term. But what does it really take to be the voice behind your business blog? Here’s the essential habits known to highly effective business bloggers.

    1. Effective Business Bloggers Have Outstanding Copywriting Skills

    Fresh, frequent content isn’t enough to establish a great business blog – you need to have outstanding copywriting skills to drive it. Content that is popular, widely shareable, readable, interesting and informative is backed by solid writing skills. Good content alone doesn’t cut it anymore; you need to be open to new ideas, new skills and always be willing to learn.

    Tip: Don’t get comfortable with blogging and content marketing. Stay strong in the field by attending industry meetings, reading the latest news and SEO articles and relevant blogging conferences.  There’s always something new to learn, even when you think you know everything!

    2. Effective Business Bloggers are Consistent and Focused

    To be the best voice for your business, you need to develop a consistent tone and approach. Topics should be relevant to your niche to promote a focus for your business blog and appeal to readers. A great business blog is planned ahead, with a content calendar in place to ensure readers are being fed with regular, consistent posts.

    Tip: Create a blog schedule and stick to it. This will not only help you to stay focused and plan topic ideas in advance, but it will offer a dependable schedule for readers to keep coming back to your website. Whether two-three posts a week works for you or four a month, find something that suits your business and stick to it.  

    4. Effective Business Bloggers are Dedicated

    Schedules, content calendars and blogging takes dedication. Finding the right blogging voice for your business and attracting and developing an audience takes time – so don’t expect the results to come flooding in overnight. To launch your business blog into success you need a balanced mix of fresh content creation and a clear, consistent vision. Content marketers and bloggers are fully aware that writing attractive, well-constructed posts requires a good amount of dedication and perseverance.

    Tip: If something isn’t working, re-direct your blogging efforts to find what works for you and your business. Time is on your side so be prepared for hard work and serious study to get your blog to where you want it to be.  

    5. Effective Business Bloggers are Industry Experts

    By maintaining an active business blog that covers topics relating to your niche, you’re able to establish yourself as an industry leader. To be an effective business blogger you want to encourage a two way conversation with your customers and prospects through a reliable source of information. Be the go to person for news, updates and hot topics by writing about newsworthy matters with a strong industry focus.

    Tip: Establishing yourself as an industry expert acts as free source of PR! Don’t just rely on your own blog though to be an industry leader – contributing to guest blog posts on quality sites that are relevant to your niche can positively add to your credible industry presence and bring people back to your business blog too.

    6. Effective Business Bloggers Ooze Passion and Creativity

    For your blog to really thrive, it needs to come alive with passion and creativity – and that needs to come from you! Let your brand’s personality shine by being genuinely passionate about the industry you’re writing about. This authentic interest will allow your content to come across to your readers as exciting, energetic and appealing.

    Tip: According to Search Engine Journal, “bloggers that possess this type of intoxicating energy and affection for their subject, it shines and makes a site’s content difficult to resist”. Be proactive with blog topics and work out what issues are affecting you customers. By answering their questions, passionately and creatively, your business blog will be their number one source for information.

    7. Effective Business Bloggers Aren’t Afraid of a Challenge

    An important aspect of blogging and content marketing is to actually be up for the challenge. Giving your company a personal voice through business blogging shows you care about the challenges your customers have and most of all – you’re not afraid to face them. The best business bloggers enjoy a challenge, are willing to learn from their mistakes and embrace their business goals with all guns blazing.

    Tip: Get yourself out of your business blogging comfort zone by attending new conferences, speaking as an industry leader and embracing new targets. As soon as you start get comfortable, you are less likely to accept new challenges and keep learning in the field.

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