7 Reasons You’re Not Getting the SEO Results You Want

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    SEO is a specialist industry and skill that no business can live without. With more and more of the world heading online, it’s vital to include SEO in your marketing strategy. Yet it is still a digital area which can be misunderstood by many.

    At White Chalk Road, SEO is our focus because we understand the depth of knowledge you need on the subject to do it right and get the results desired. We’ve seen time and time again companies come to us saying they’re unhappy with their current results and what can we do to improve these.

    But before we make any promises and set KPI’s we firstly make sure we educate our clients and potential clients on what exactly SEO marketing is and what’s involved. There’s no point making unrealistic promises.

    By educating our clients, they come to understand the intricacies of improving their organic growth and most of the time they become SEO geeks just like us!

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    1. Impatience – Don’t Stop too Soon

    SEO success doesn’t happen overnight, but with the right strategy and goals, it will happen. There’s a reason most SEO companies require a 12 month commitment, because it typically takes at least 6 months to start seeing SEO results and from there, with a solid foundation your results will improve.

    It is hard to put time and money into something and not see results right then and there but you have to think about SEO as an investment. When an SEO strategy is implemented correctly (i.e. adhering to Google guidelines and not taking the tempting but dodgy shortcuts some of your competitors do), it’s building a strong base for years to come.

    2. Your Website Design and Functioning isn’t SEO Friendly

    It may come as a surprise to some that SEO isn’t just about keywords and links. Having great website design which is user-friendly and functions well will immensely help your SEO results. Google is all about sending users to great websites which work and provide value. There’s no point being #1 for a keyword if it takes a user 10 minutes to load your website or to find your contact number.

    If you’re re-designing or developing a new website we can’t stress enough how important it is to have your SEO company involved from day one to conduct a full technical SEO audit of your current and future website. This way your SEO specialist and web designer/developer can work closely to make the website as SEO friendly as possible.

    3. You’re Not Keeping up with the Pack

    Just because your website converted like a gem 10 years ago, doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll convert well in 2016. We all know how far the internet has come in the last 10 years. Which makes you wonder what will happen in the next 10 years. You need to keep up with the times and by this we mean, keep Google happy!

    Google is constantly updating its algorithms and because of this you need to be open to change. From becoming more mobile friendly to removing duplicate product/service descriptions on reseller sites there are updates on a weekly basis of how to stay on Google’s good side.

    4. You Don’t Have a Strong SEO Strategy

    With so many SEO resources out there, it can be hard to know what exactly to listen to. As a result many companies will take a shotgun approach to their SEO, which as you can guess, never ends well. It’s important to work with a company you trust and have a good reputation (reading case studies and reviews is a good idea). These SEO providers will be able to put together a strong online reputation building strategy that will not only increase organic traffic but bring you conversions/sales/leads that are vital to your business.

    Along these lines, it’s important you don’t counteract what your SEO specialist is doing. Any change you make to your website could affect the overall SEO strategy so therefore it is important to keep your SEO manager in the loop with any changes you make to the website. 

    5. You’re Not Paying Attention to Your Analytics

    The best thing about online marketing is that it’s measurable. You can virtually track everything these days down to where users are coming from and what they’re doing on your website. Understanding Google Analytics and reviewing the results regularly will help you tailor and hone your strategy.

    6. You’re Stuck on Keyword Rankings

    Keyword positions are important, but what’s more important is sales/leads/awareness for your business. Even if you’re driving hundreds of visitors to your website a day, what’s the point if they’re not converting?

    Likewise focusing your time and energy on one particular keyword could see your results dwindling. A website which succeeds at SEO will bring in organic traffic from a number of keyword phrases and long-tail keywords too. The relationship between keyword rankings and search visibility is much more complex than a lot of people realise. And those companies who do promise to get you to #1 overnight are not trustworthy for a number of very obvious reasons.

    7. You’re too Consumed with what Others are Doing

    It’s important to keep an eye on your competitors and what they’re doing. But when it comes to spending hours a day scrutinizing over them and what they’re doing – it’s a big waste of time on your part!

    Your website needs to be your #1 priority, make it the best it can be and give it the attention you deserve. If you’re sitting there googling and clicking on your competitor’s day in and out, then you’re helping them more than yourself.

    Of course there is an endless list of why you may not be happy with your results but at the end of the day if you have the patience and a great SEO strategy there is no doubt you’re on the right track to online success.

    If you’re looking for help to get your SEO on track, make sure to contact our SEO office in Perth to speak with one of our specialists today.

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