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Are You Ranking For The Right Keywords?

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    No one knows your business better than you. That’s a given, especially if you have been in business for a while, and have a base of loyal happy customers. Using search engine optimization, you can grow this base of customers, simply by outranking your competitors in a search engine result page. Ranking ‘number one’ might seem like the name of the game, but are you ranking for the right keywords?

    I’ve been promised a page 1 ranking.

    Some SEO companies will guarantee you a first page, or even a number one ranking in Google. This is not a promise that anyone can keep, as no SEO company has an ‘in’ with Google. The seemingly good results that they provide may be the wrong keywords for your business. There is no point ranking number one for the key phrase “best blue jeans in Perth” if no one is searching for it, or more importantly, if you sell shoes, for example. On the surface some of them might seem appropriate, but some SEO companies will trade on the fact that you will not know what your customers are searching for in any volume, this is where strategic keyword research has it’s place.
    keyword research

    What if I do the research myself?

    You may have done your own research, but without being well versed in identifying the best keywords that your customers will search for, you could be wasting your time. It’s a very common and mistaken belief amongst business owners that since they know their business or industry best, that they also know their customers best. Business website owners are guilty of looking at their website through the eyes of someone who knows the industry inside out, but this is a very narrow way of doing research. Your customers aren’t likely to know as much as you do, and therefore will have a very different set of keywords that they will associate with your business.

    A professional keyword researcher will have many tools in their repertoire that aren’t readily available to people looking for a one off researching project. By using these keyword research tools, they can learn how many users are searching for a certain term by day and month, locally and worldwide – and maybe most importantly, how the search term converts for a business in your industry. It can also alert them to words and synonyms relevant to your business that you may not have been aware of.

    Monitor and Maintain.

    Once the list of keywords has been compiled, they can then take the next step and implement these keywords and optimise your site. While you may not rank highly for these keywords immediately, the important thing is that they have been carefully selected for search volume and key relevance to your industry. With regular monitoring with a web stats tool such as Google Analytics, your SEO provider can determine whether these keywords are driving sales ready customers to your site, and if they are converting into sales or enquires.

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