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Are You Sabotaging Your SEO?

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    If you are working with a SEO provider for the first time you may find yourself a little frustrated with the process. Outsourcing SEO can seem like a big expense at the start simply because the SEO techniques take a while to really kick in. You may find that you want to try and do your own things to try and speed up the process, however you could be doing more harm than good.
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    Pay Attention to Advice

    Firstly try to listen to the advice and instructions given. You should have been given details on how the SEO company will be starting work on your website and an idea of when you can expect to see changes. This could take months so do not be disappointed if you cannot see any difference straight away. You have paid to have experts evaluate your website and help you to start making dents in your search engine results, so even if you aren’t sure how the suggestions will make a difference you really should give them a chance. By ignoring their advice you may be harming the strength of the strategies that are being put into place.

    Adding Content You Have Been Advised Against

    There has been a major crack down on sites which do not offer any value to the users. In order to be ranked you have to make sure the content on your site is deemed as quality. This means you are to avoid keyword stuffing your content. Keywords are great but no one wants to read content, articles or posts which have the keywords placed multiple times. It makes for uncomfortable and annoying reading.

    Duplicating your content is also advised against. Copying posts from other websites is to be avoided at all costs. Create your own posts or hire a copywriter to do it for you. Your SEO company should give you this information so be sure to stick to posting only original content without over using keywords for SEO success.

    Doing Your Own SEO Could Be an Act of Sabotage

    Don’t double handle! You have paid good money to your SEO providers, so why would you want to create your own SEO campaigns? Any work your SEO providers carry out could be damaged by the bits and pieces you are doing in order to optimise your site. Of course you’ll have your own ideas and want to try something you have researched, but you should definitely consult with the experts first. They will let you know if they think it is worthwhile. Let the professionals handle your SEO so you can concentrate on other things, make good use of this time and leave the SEO experts to do their thing.

    Not Doing What You Are Asked

    Your SEO provider will more than likely give you some tasks to carry out on your end. Try to follow through with these requests in a timely manner. You might need to consult with other members of your team or the webmaster in which case forward the information as soon as possible. As SEO is a long process the quicker you take action the better it will be for your site in the end. The other point to remember is that the SEO providers should ask you before making any alterations to the site. Without your go ahead they will not be able to implement these changes. Respond to the experts as soon as you can to help them work harder for you.

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