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5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Blog

You’re running your own business and looking for ways to gain more exposure and people...

How to Write SEO Friendly Product Descriptions That Sell

If you had one chance to sell your product to someone, what would you say?...

Google Removes Compulsory Google + Profile for Local Business Reviews

One of the longest criticised aspects of leaving a Google review was the requirement of...

How to Get More Traffic to your Blog Posts

More traffic to your blog posts will improve keyword rankings, traffic and your reputation as...

Google removes AdWords ads from right hand side of SERPs

Google rolled out a significant change to desktop search results pages (SERPs) worldwide over the weekend (20-21...

A Content Marketer’s Guide to Ideal Post Lengths

When you’re writing updates and blog posts on a daily basis it can be tricky...

Google’s Jan 2016 Algo Update & How to Combat the Impact on your Site

The ‘Lead Gen’ or ‘Reseller’ Update As you know, Google continually updates the algorithm (or...

9 Important SEO Considerations for Your New Website

The digital landscape is fast-paced and ever changing. When it comes to your online marketing,...

6 Great Free Tools All Marketers Need

Whether you’re a marketer at a digital marketing agency, a large corporation or a small...

Why Guest Posting is Essential to your Content Marketing Plan

Guest posting for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and content marketing purposes has had a pretty...

5 Dangers to Avoid with a Self-Managed Google Ads Account

Google Ads (formerly called Google AdWords) paid search advertising, is instant online marketing. Unlike SEO...

How Do You Deal With Seasonal Content and the SEO Implications

Most businesses have an element of seasonality, but some need to worry about it more...

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