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When to Compliment Your SEO Strategy With PPC

If you are looking for a long-term online marketing strategy, it's wise to invest in...

White Chalk Road’s Google Partners Connect Event

Our recent Google Partners Connect Event brought eager business owners and leading digital experts together...

Google Removes Close Variant Keyword Data in Keyword Planner

It was reported widely recently that Google was significantly cutting the data provided in Google...

Google removes AdWords ads from right hand side of SERPs

Google rolled out a significant change to desktop search results pages (SERPs) worldwide over the weekend (20-21...

Online vs. Offline Marketing – What You Need to Know about Today’s Mediums

Ever since the launch of the very first website back in 1991 the digital space...

5 Dangers to Avoid with a Self-Managed Google Ads Account

Google Ads (formerly called Google AdWords) paid search advertising, is instant online marketing. Unlike SEO...

5 Questions You Should Ask an SEO Company before Choosing Them

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can get a pretty bad rap. With so many ‘black hat’...

Charles Ryder Shares his Top 5 Online Marketing Tips

The below is taken from Charles speech at our recent Local Chambers event at the...

Can you use Competitor Brand Keywords in SEO and Paid Search?

Clients often ask us whether they can or should bid on their competitors’ names in...

5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs to Market Online Today

Remember the days when the printed Yellow Pages book used to serve as a means...

Is Google Killing off Paid Search Keyword Data?

There have been many articles thrown around about Google’s recent announcement they are removing keyword...
What Not to Say in AdWords Copy

What Not to Say in AdWords Copy

Ad Copy plays a critical role in the success of your website and campaign. Whilst...

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