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Does your site look trustworthy?

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    If your website is no stranger to SEO, you will already know the importance of building your site’s reputation through online marketing. While it’s very true that attracting links and having a high visibility in search engines are a big part of your website’s popularity, some on page factors may send your potential clients elsewhere, even if you do rank number one for your most valued search term.

    How do your customers make the decision to buy from your or trust your advice? It would seem straightforward that the best would rank number one or two for the search terms that people enter, but does that logic hold once they visit your site? There are a few on technical SEO page factors that might be SEO compliant, however may scare off potential customers.

    Web design.

    If your current design is years old, hastily put together and has an unprofessional logo or font, then compared to a more modern up-to-date site, the customer may decide that the modern looking one is more suitable for their needs. This is a psychographic based decision and may have no bearing on the quality of your goods and services, but is based on opinion and personality.

    Don’t rush to change your website without doing a little customer and market research – some customers will be the opposite, instead trusting a site that looks a little more battle scarred. Think about what type of customer you are targeting and then do your research and plans accordingly.

    No social sharing.

    If you site contains informative content that is changed or added to regularly, then it makes sense to allow others to share it easily. This doesn’t mean you have to look after 10 different social platforms; just by adding a share button from Facebook or Google + to your pages, people are able to share it on their own social network page – thus showing their appreciation for the content. A ticker of how many ‘likes’ and +1’s will show your customers that this info or page was helpful to others, and put your name in front of their friends. If you have a commenting feature that is not utilised, consider disabling it as zero comments will act the same way as an empty restaurant, people will move on without giving it a chance.

    Nowadays, word of mouth has spread to the internet, and with a plethora of social networks to use, it’s important not to over do it – stick to social networks that your customers would use.

    Bad content.

    Make sure that your content is easy to read. This may be a no brainer, but bad grammar and copy will cause some to consider whether your business is qualified to assist them! These days, bad spelling and grammar are everywhere, spell checkers have made people lazy about learning, so make sure you double check and even consult a copywriter for advice.

    Having the same content across multiple pages is not only confusing for SEO purposes, but will make your website look hasty and disorganised. Your SEO company should be able to point you in the right direction with your menu system, simplicity is the key to useability. If you aren’t running a blog or any other type of regular content changes, then it can be a good idea to add recent reviews or industry news, so that your customers have an indication that your site is indeed, up to date.

    Most modern internet users will search using dozens of keywords before awarding that all special click-through to a site. Once you have earned that position and gained that click, the process of converting a searcher into a customer has only just begun. Make sure your site is ready to receive guests and that the information and products you are offering are easy to search, read and purchase. And importantly, don’t forget to have clear contact details so that they know where to find you.

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