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Don’t make these mistakes on Twitter

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    In January, we discussed how Twitter could be used to benefit your business, but what about the simple things to avoid?

    1. Keep it simple:

    Avoid writing complicated concepts in small twitter-sized spaces. The main reason that you should not do this is because twitter and ‘walls’ mimic individual human thoughts, not multi-thought concepts. If your post is too complex, people will tend to ignore it in favor of the no-brainer tease or day-job-killer video. Alternatively, it would probably be more profitable if you should provide a very simple but interesting question about a topic and provide a link for them to get more information.

    2. No acronyms and minimal industry jargon:

    Refrain from using acronyms and other hard to understand terminology. The reasoning behind this is that people tend to find such words difficult to mentally process and so they do not pay attention to your post. Alternatively, you might want to simplify things and just write like you are talking to a second grader with the attention span of less than thirty seconds.

    3. No metaphors or analogies:

    Avoid using metaphors, analogies and descriptive examples in a small social space. It’s clear from our testing that it is going to be too much mental work for your average follower to get interested. And what you ought to do instead is write a single intriguing question or novelty comment in the same small space provided – of course providing a link.

    4. Avoid blatant narcissism:

    Avoid consistently talking about yourself or your company or brand when you micro-post. Why this would be an error is that constantly talking only about yourself looks very self serving over time. It is easy to forget this because you cannot perceive yourself very well over time. As a substitute you really want to offer helpful tool and tips to your community of followers. Track the results using your metrics tools, and make sure that the topics you are writing about are of interest to your followers.

    5. Drive traffic to your own online real estate:

    Avoid driving traffic to other people’s website from your twitter-sized social media spaces. You are not taking advantage of the opportunity when you always link to a third party site. Do not forget that you really want to redirect all of the traffic to your own blog or Youtube video account. Sometimes it is worth uploading non-copyrighted videos to your own Youtube account so you will have more control of the traffic.

    Take care to avoid all 5 of the points mentioned and your chances of creating friends and driving leads to your site from social media platforms will increase substantially.

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