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The Benefits of Creating A Facebook Business Page

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    Facebook Business Page can easily just be seen as a glamorised online profile but for businesses, it’s an effective opportunity to build an audience and provide an essential tool to express your brand’s identity, conduct customer service and have a dialogue with your existing and potential customers.

    Since its formation in 2004, Facebook has become more than just a meeting place for friends to connect but has boomed into the leading social media site and grown into this venue for businesses to market themselves through effective interaction.

    What Makes Facebook Business Pages So Good?

    It’s free.

    There is nothing better than taking advantage of a marketing tool that doesn’t cost you a cent but can develop your brand and audience.

    Whilst Facebook Business Pages do offer paid opportunities to further boost your business (sponsored stories and ads), it’s free services are also effective and requires only a little creative thinking and time.

    Facebook Business Pages also provide an easy to use method of talking directly to your customers and help drive a lot of traffic to your website. Unlike a personal profile, there are unlimited users with a page – all acting as potential clients for your business.

    Give People a Reason to Become Fans

    It’s all very well creating a Facebook Business Page, but to use it effectively and spark interest throughout your audience is another ball game.

    People need a reason to be a fan and are constantly asking “what’s in it for me?” Whether it be fresh and interesting content, discounts, giveaways or competitions, you must put yourself into your audience’s shoes and consider what they want (or don’t want) showing up in their news feed.

    Engaging Content – Making the Most out of Your Posts

    Creating fresh, interesting and engaging content is crucial to using your page as an effective marketing tool.

    Form discussions and interact with your audience.

    Your content doesn’t always have to be about business as this can be too self-promotional and bore your readers, instead think of topics that are relevant to the industry and that will stimulate your audience.

    Publishing great content to your Facebook Business Page at the right times is important to get the results you want. The best way to get your readers talking is by asking questions, the right questions.

    Keep them entertaining and ask questions that are easy to answer or only require one-word responses as they tend to gain the most engagement.

    The saying ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ works wonders with a business Facebook Page and helps to draw your readers in. Including pictures, videos or other visual elements in your updates will quickly gain the attention of those just flicking through.

    Your content must be on-topic and appropriate for your business.

    Writing about current events and tying them into your brand is effective so consider finding and sharing YouTube video’s, news stories or articles that loosely relate to your industry.

    Ask your audience to post questions, pictures or stories about your brand to your wall and repost the most interesting content back out as an update.

    Be careful not to bombard your fans with constant updates though, remember unlinking a page is just as easy as liking it.

    Get Creative with Your Facebook Business Page

    The features Facebook Business Pages have to offer are all consistent across the board from wall posts, to photo uploading and sharing and tagging opportunities to build your network.

    Determining what features you will use for your business and taking advantage of the custom made tabs is what makes your page and brand stand out from the rest.

    Insights and Analytics

    Although Facebook Business Pages are free to set up and use they require not only imagination but adequate time and attention to detail.

    As with any effective marketing tool, monitoring is essential to ensure you’re gaining the most out of it.

    To determine how effectively your company is using the Facebook Business Page, you can see both viewing and fan statistics.

    Facebook insights are accessible through the page once you are signed in and shows how many times your page is viewed, commented on and shared. This information is also broken down into demographics such as age and region.

    Facebook analytics is similar to insights but breaks down the statistics according to individual posts only.

    Understanding Your Fans – Don’t Collect Them Like Basketball Cards

    The number of your fans isn’t a business measure. Having a large base of followers is great, but it’s just a start. How you communicate with them and feed their hunger for information is what drives value.

    It’s easy to see your fans as a collectible item with businesses on a race to get the winning number but if you’re not activating them, it’s not going to be an effective marketing tool. See your followers as a club, not a list.

    It’s no use posting a status here and there; you need to satisfy their intellectual and social cravings by being innovative and interesting. Get successful!

    Whilst a Facebook Business Page is a great tool, social media strategies should also be linked to an effective and SEO friendly website to gain its full benefits.

    Facebook Pages Can Indirectly Assist with SEO Efforts

    More than anything a Facebook Business Page is about branding and building up a community of loyal followers. It’s letting the world know who you are and why they should be your #1 fan. It’s about directly communicating on a one-on-one basis with potential and current customers and becoming a leader – an industry influencer – in your field.

    But the question is, how can Facebook be more than that?

    How can it benefit your SEO strategy, bring traffic to your website and ultimately boost your revenue?

    SEO & Facebook Business Pages

    Indirectly Facebook and other social channels can assist in your SEO efforts by way of:

    Improving your page 1 online reputation

    If customers are serious about using your services or buying your products then in the initial research phase they may do a bit of digging on your brand.

    Therefore, all the results on the first page of a branded search on your business must be positive. Facebook alongside other social media profiles often rank amongst the top results, therefore having a Facebook business page with a branded URL will help claim some of that all-important first page real-estate in the search results.

    Content amplification

    Sharing interesting content from your onsite blog or key pages on your website is a great way to entice Facebook users over to your website.

    With a Facebook Business Page, as like with your onsite blog, you don’t want to be overly self-promotional. You need to educate and entertain without tooting your own horn every second of the day, so you become the go-to source in your industry for all things big and small related to what you do.

    “Always remember that anyone can be a walking and talking advertisement for your business. They may not need your services ever, but they may at some point bump into someone who does”.

    How to Get Facebook Users to Your Website

    Getting users to cross the social barrier can sometimes be the biggest hurdle as they don’t want to leave Facebook to see what you’ve got to offer, hence why it is so important to create enticing content and share-worthy information on your website.

    By having an onsite blog section you’re already well on your way to making your site more SEO-friendly, as well as giving Facebook users a reason to peruse your website whether they need your products now or in the future. Here are 5 very good reasons why your website needs and blog.

    Quick tips to boost your social traffic:

    • Make sure your website URL is in the about section of your profile. Alongside including it in the specific website URL section you can include links in the General Information/Products section, for instance, to direct users to specific key landing pages on your website.
    • Share onsite blog posts (self-promotional and educational) and if budget allows, boost these types of posts which promotes content on your site.
    • Don’t post links to the same content over and over again, this is why a blog is so useful on your website as it gives you a steady stream of shareable content.
    • Make it easy to share your websites content to Facebook. The best way to do this is by adding social sharing buttons at the bottom of the content so users simply click the button and then send your content out to all their friends.
    • Test which type of link sharing method gets you the most engagement and traffic (of course the Facebook algorithm does also impact how successful each method is depending on how it happens to be working at that moment).

    Struggling with Improving Likes on Your Facebook Business Page

    You’ve got a fine-looking business Facebook Business Page, you’ve invited all your personal and professional contacts to like it and you’ve shared it across all your social media platforms. On top of that, you’ve posted a decent amount of content and loaded the page with eye-catching images.

    But still, the love on your Facebook Business Page rarely seems to be growing.

    Don’t worry – most small business brands have all been there.

    Whether we like to admit it or not it can be a definite kick to the ego – especially when you’ve spent the time and energy to keep your page updated and fresh.

    Here are some reasons your Facebook Page may not see increases in Likes.

    1. Your Content isn’t Valuable, Appealing, Relevant or Interesting

    Content is the ultimate push that drives the success of both your website and social media strategy.

    So it should come as no surprise that if your Facebook Business Page isn’t complete with posts that are valuable, appealing, relevant and interesting – it’s going to get the thumbs down.

    “But, I have no time”, I hear you say!

    Or, “I do post great content to my page!”.

    Sit back (honestly) and ask yourself just how valuable the content is you’re publishing, and how unique is it? Your content should be fresh and yours. This means getting out the habit of re-posting other people’s content that’s relevant to your page and working it into your post with your own opinions and thoughts instead.

    Get creative and post content that will drive people to your site, appeal to your audience and spark a sense of curiosity. Creating a social media content strategy calendar will help with this while running paid Facebook Ads will also help with distribution.

    Your content also needs to be searchable.

    To boost your Facebook fan base, every section of your page needs to include content that’s helpful to your audience, relevant and searchable. That’s not to say you should go on a keyword-stuffing spree, but simply ensure everything is filled out accordingly and you spend time optimising every section of your page.

    Above anything, treat your fans like people and develop long-term relationships with them through the content you post on your page.

    Value in content isn’t just in what’s appealing and educational to your audience, but how you interact with them in a language that’s client-focused and beneficial to them.

    2. You’re Not That Active on Facebook

    Let’s be honest here; if you only visit your own Facebook Business Page once a week – or worse, once a month – how can you expect a potential fan base too as well?

    An effective Facebook Business Page needs love and constant attention to thrive. Aim to spend at least 15 minutes a day on your page maintaining it, interacting with your audience, reviewing comments and engagement and posting content.

    If people do comment on your posts, be there to respond.

    If someone posts on your wall or sends you a private message, get back to them in a timely fashion so you create a Facebook presence.

    Rule of thumb is to post at least one piece of fresh content a day on your page. This way, you’ll maintain an active and ongoing existence and be more likely to steadily grow your fan base.

    3. Your Key Demographics Aren’t on Facebook

    There are so many different social media platforms out there and not everything will work for every brand. Regardless of how amazing your content is or how active you are on Facebook; it all goes out the window if your key demographics aren’t there.

    Thus, you must research your target market before you go ahead with any social media platform.

    4. There’s Higher Competition in the News Feed

    With the number of posts people make on Facebook out there, there simply just isn’t room for your News Feed to show everything. According to a Facebook report, the reach of organic content is declining – and even high-quality content isn’t getting the visibility it deserves on Facebook because there are so many other posts competing for viewers’ attention.

    5. Facebook ‘Likes’ aren’t Everything, Anyway

    As much as it feels rewarding seeing a huge fan base on your Facebook Business Page – Facebook likes aren’t everything.

    Whilst seeing a Facebook Business Page with a substantial amount of likes adds a sense of credibility, it’s how you interact and engage with your audience that drives its success.

    It’s important to remember that Facebook likes aren’t everything and it doesn’t always portray an accurate representation of your brand.

    With so many companies paying for likes on Facebook, you really should be looking more at your page’s insights instead. Not only does this showcase where your Facebook likes are coming from, but it delves deep into the reach and engagement of your posts which is more valuable than any amount of likes.

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