Facebook’s Search Capabilities Soon to Rival Google

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    Marketers have been keeping a close eye on the updates implemented by Facebook for a long time, noticing that their search capabilities are becoming more like Google’s. After Google introduced Google+ as their version of a better social networking site rivalling Facebook, Facebook looked to introduce their own search engine to rival Google. Marketers are unsure how Facebook’s search engine will grow moving forward, and with this uncertainty, it is more important than ever for businesses to be prepared.

    What Makes Facebook such Strong Competition?

    It will come with no surprise that Facebook is a large corporation with the ability to rival Google. The opportunity to expand into what is primarily (by a large margin) Google’s search engine market will not come easy. However, consumers are so accustomed to Facebook using it close to an hour each day on average, that it may be slightly easier to change their habits from using Google’s search engine to using their own.

    How do People Utilise This Feature?

    A great example is that people are now spending less time scouring Google looking for where to eat.  Instead, they can simply type in “places to eat Perth” in Facebook’s search bar and receive a list of links, pages, Facebook ads and posts about the best places to eat in Perth. These posts usually link right back to the restaurant’s Facebook page where you can find contact information, specials and even detailed reviews about that restaurant. With all this information, people have no need to exit Facebook, their most visited social networking site for simple search requests that would have otherwise been searched by through Google.

    The Introduction of Facebook Marketplace

    The introduction of Facebook’s Marketplace shows the extent that they are hoping to expand into new avenues. With an online marketplace still in its early stages, it is likely to soon rival such other online marketplaces as Gumtree and eBay with both organic and paid social ads. Moving away from just a social network, Facebook is under close observation from Google. With nearly boundless opportunities, Facebook and Google alike continue to branch their businesses into a wide range of other avenues such as virtual reality and self-piloting drones.


    How can I Assure my Business is Prepared for the Future of Digital Marketing?

    Not only do you need a strong social media presence, you need to assure your business can be found easily and proficiently by search engines. The best way to make sure you are important in the eyes of the search engines is to optimise your website. Unfortunately, optimising your website is not easy and requires the help of trained professionals whose sole purpose is to optimise your website on search engines. Picking your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) company can be hard, which is why we have put together 6 essentials that you should expect from your SEO company.

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    By Alex Hamilton.

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