Get Creative! 7 Content Tips when you’re Short of Time and Ideas

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    It doesn’t matter who you are or what industry you’re in, it’s not always easy brainstorming content ideas. All of us, at some stage loose inspiration and suddenly the few hours you had aside to write a new post, become two hours of frustration where no exciting topic comes to mind. Thankfully, the world is oozing with ideas and there is more imagination locked away in you than you realise. But, if you’re still really stuck – here are some hot tips to get those creative juices flowing.

    1. Get Visual

    People are visual creatures so utilising the power of images and engaging short videos can spark attention. Countless studies over the years have demonstrated that visually compelling posts gain more shares and conversation starters than other types of content. Images set an emotional tone by tapping into the brain. Look for powerful pictures that covey a story you want to tell and back it up with text. Placing emphasis on bold images or a relevant video that creates a buzz can capture a reader and make them more inclined to stay on the site. Where possible, use real life photos.

    Visual storytelling is a great language to use when communicating a message and helps you to stand out from the ‘information overload’ on the internet. The use of infographics is great for data visualisation too and can increase traffic to your website, grow backlinks and revenue.

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    2. Get Social

    While it may not assist directly with your SEO strategy, the social world is booming and consumers are sucking up the excitement through their smart phones and tablets, so if you haven’t already it’s time to take advantage of it. And I don’t just mean plugging in social media buttons onto your blog or site. Social networks and apps for your smartphone are becoming more popular by the minute and can give you oodles of creative options for content. Whatever makes up your niche – photography, interior design, website design, building products – create a “8 Pinterest Boards to be inspired by” article, “Top 6 Apps for Remodeling Your Home” or “5 Free Interior Design Apps that will halve the Hard Work”. Add images from the iPhone and android apps, complete with a detailed description to motivate people with their next project.

    Photograhpy blogs 1

    3. Get Tempting

    The headlines of your content are what lure people in; it’s the bait you set – so you want it to be tempting. Opt for headlines that are going to generate interest without giving too much away. They should be relevant, with a bite of excitement that makes people intrigued. Headlines with numbers give your readers a level of expectancy and are easy to comprehend, for example – the title of this blog post. Readers tend to respond well to these headings and it’s a trend that has stuck around for a while. Top 5 – 10 blog posts are also a fantastic way to give you quick ideas for content when you’re not sure what to write about.

    4. Get Inspired

    If you follow a variety of blogs within your industry, or stumble across something that sparks your attention – there’s no harm in taking some inspiration from it. This is – in no way – saying to copy-paste someone else’s work and write it off as you own, but simply a catalyst of creativity that make you think about a topic or idea in more detail. When you find a post that is relevant, put your own spin on it and write about it from a completely different angle. Maybe you want to challenge the points, or do a little extra of your own research into the topic to attract a different audience or convey a different emotion. If it’s a long-winded article on an idea that you love, perhaps write a shorter (and sweeter) version that can be compelling and interesting in its own unique way.

    5. Get Guided

    Everyone loves a good ‘how to guide’ for their next DIY project or even just an explanation of how to use your products and services. When you’re working in the industry the things you do on a daily basis may be easy to you but you’d be surprised how hard or confusing it may be for other people out there. You can get inspired by billions of ideas here. Depending on your industry you can focus on a ‘how to guide’ for sanding timber floors, designing your own website, editing photos with Photoshop or taking the perfect portrait picture – the list is endless. ‘A buyer’s guide’ can help your customers (and potential customers) with questions or issues they may experience with your products. Why not put together a quick video showing them how to use your product?  Step-by-step guides loaded with pictures and easy to understand information can benefit all readers and are super handy to have.

    6. Get Devilled

    Arguments that are framed in “devil’s advocate” can touch on subjects that most people are afraid to tackle. Whilst this can ignite fire in some readers, challenging topics that the average consumer won’t write about can actually strengthen the audience’s position. Taking a controversial stance to prove a point can be an effective content idea – especially if you have always done the same style of topics.  Be constructive and research wisely and voila, you have a piece of unique content for you site.

    7. Get Rounded

    Product reviews in your industry, news items lists or products and services you can recommend are all easy ways to round up the latest information and present it to your readers. These lists can be as comprehensive or as simple as you like, with the latest coolest bits of materials as a focus for your monthly rotation of content. Throw in a few links to any of the sites you’ve mentioned too – this will help build authority, credibility and broaden your network.

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