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Google+ Marketing Tactics – 4 Tips to Get Your Content Shared

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    Let’s be honest here, you can’t help but to feel a little disappointed when you see an average piece of content getting tons of shares. You’ve done all the work – your content is exciting, your images look great and your infographics are perfectly designed – what’s that post got that yours doesn’t? Google+ is all about networking and word of mouth. When someone shares your content they are really standing proudly behind your work and showing it off to the rest of the world.

    A key ingredient of shareable content is the juicy piece you’re putting out. But it’s not just about that. Sometimes it takes the ability to think outside the box too. Thus, the amount of time spent on consistently producing high-quality work should also be equally spent on establishing better connections. By doing this and engaging with them, they will support your content and share it (providing it’s good of course!) So how do you build this support group and utilise one of the biggest social media platforms for your business? We check out some hot tips to help get your content shared and take advantage of the Google+ benefits.

    The Primary Aims of Google+

    • To have people +1 your content. This increases the number of people seeing it.
    • To have people find your content and decide to follow you by adding you to their circles. Once added, your content will show up in the Google+ feed.
    • To have people recommend your content to others and encourage people to follow you too.

    1. Find Your Biggest and Best Fans

    Unfortunately they don’t just come to your door step, you actually need to branch out and find them yourself. The good news is though, Google+ makes it super easy to do this. Firstly, you want to find the right people who’ll amplify your message on social media and spread it to others and then you’ll need to positively engage with them.

    • Create circles (self-defined networks) of people you follow: There is no limit on the number of circles you can have or be included in.
    • Use relevant hashtags or keywords to find people related to your niche.
    • Join communities: This gives you the opportunity to find more people and content to connect with. Most communities allow you to join immediately.

    2. Effectively Engage with Your Audience

    Once you’ve created specific circles of like-minded people don’t wait to start interacting with them, these relationships need to be nurtured. Check out some of their recent posts and find one that’s most relevant to your business. Comment on the post and introduce yourself, if they have been promoting your brand in anyway always make sure you thank them.

    • Encourage the relationship by asking if they have something you could share for them.
    • Don’t be afraid to reach out to them for advice, you want to help each other succeed.
    • Take advantage of relevant hashtags to effectively engage with the right audience in your industry.

    3. Consider your Content

    Despite the time that needs to be taken to network and develop these relationships, it’s still about the content. This all means nothing if you can’t carefully craft your message in a compelling way. For your content to be shareable, it needs to be valuable, fun and easily digestible.

    4. Don’t be Selfish – Share and Get Noticed

    You can’t expect people though to always share your content if you never take the time to comment, like or share other people’s too. This is effective for building up some online goodwill and will increase interaction with your content.

    • Add value to get noticed: Anyone can ‘share’ something but this isn’t going to always get you noticed on someone’s radar with a significant amount of followers. Use a quote from the post when you share it to show you’ve read through everything or even better, add you own insight into the topic.
    • Pay attention to who’s sharing your content to expand your networks.

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