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How a Content Calendar Can Take Your Blog Down The Road to Success

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    Whether you’re a business owner who has an onsite blog or are a blogger who is producing quality content on a weekly basis, having a plan of attack in the way of a content calendar is an important asset to online success.

    Not only will you feel more organised, more creative and less stressed but you’ll have the time and capacity to concentrate on a wider range of marketing activities other than just the content creation, including SEO strategy. Great content is what we’re all after, but great content also needs to reach the eyes of our target audience and hopefully become viral.

    Unfortunately we are not all planners and organisers, hats off to those who are! Some of us do need a little help and push in the right direction when it comes to how we put online content marketing strategies into place and quite simply understanding why we need to.

    3 ways content creation can be improved with a calendar

    Content calendars come in all shapes and forms (check out our WCR Content Calendar Template) with the aim to help you meet your online marketing strategies effectively and efficiently. Here are 3 of the many ways a content calendar can help you:

    1. See a bird’s-eye view of your content

    Whether you’re planning a month or a year in advance, a content calendar will help you see what topics have been covered and what gaps of knowledge & important topics you may be missing. By viewing the big picture, so to speak, you’ll be creating diverse content leaving no stone unturned.

    Hot tip: When planning, it’s great to look at the key areas of your website as blog categories to get the brainstorming session rolling and avoid forgetting about important services that you offer.

    2. Be on the ball with your content

    By spending those 2-4 to even 8 hours planning your content, it’ll help you plan for those major, noteworthy times of the year that you shouldn’t be missing. Quite the contrary actually, you should be singing the news of key events, launches and important dates from the highest point of the blogosphere.

    If specific key dates throughout the year could influence your content and your sales or online conversions then the prep and organisation around these dates could never be more important. We are human after all and sometimes remembering every important date can sometimes slip which is where our good friend the content calendar can take a bow.

    3. Let the content creative juices start flowing

    We all like to get ahead and having a schedule can allow us to do this. By preparing content ahead of time, it’ll allow us to spend more time on crafting further pieces of engaging content down the track. When you’re under the pump, creative juices can sometimes be hindered. Jamie Griffiths from Convince and Convert describes how important planning ahead can be, “In general the further ahead you plan your digital content publishing the better placed you are to produce a consistent flow of content that builds your brand’s perceived expertise in your chosen subject areas”.

    Bonus content creation tip

    Our last tip for when it comes to content creation and having a calendar is to allow flexibility within your well planned strategy. Sometimes content cannot be planned in advance because it may be sparked from something which happens out of the blue. While sometimes these little surprises are not ideal from a well-organised person’s perspective it’s also important not to ignore them as the relevancy could have a large impact on your audience.

    These timely and spontaneous blog posts may only happen once in a blue moon however they can show your audience that you’re aware of the world around you and your business.

    5 quick steps to start a content calendar

    1. Carefully think about the content you want to create and share, as outlined in this article: How to Develop a Winning Blog Content Strategy in 3 Easy Steps
    2. Brainstorm and collect ideas from all parts of your business and target audience
    3. Make a list of all the key events, dates and launches important to your business and blog
    4. Grab a content calendar template and start plugging in all your ideas
    5. Let content creation commence!

    Here at White Chalk Road we understand the importance of having a content marketing strategy so we have created a free to use Content Calendar Template Google Doc to help take your content creation to that next level. To speak to our team on how we can help with your content marketing call us today on (08) 9361 9534.

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