How Infographics can Boost Your Brand’s Credibility

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    With so much information overload these days, it is often difficult for us to decipher what is important and relevant to us. In order to make sure your message is getting through clearly to your customers, it is necessary to streamline the information you are distributing to them, and to package it in an easily digestible format.

    What is an Infographic?

    **Cue the upsurgeance of the Infographic in todays’ content marketing world. An infographic is, put simply, a graphical representation of information. In reality infographics have been around for decades, if not centuries or millennia, but more recently they have become incredibly streamlined, and sophisticated.


    In a recent article by, the marketing benefits of infographics is discussed “Use infographics to boost your credibility and traffic” describing 8 reasons why infographics work. A great content marketing reason is that a good infographic can spread quickly on the Internet, giving other bloggers and writers something to talk about. Consequently, this creates backlinks to your website and exposure of your brand. Forbes recommends that you include a logo and URL on the image for copyright purposes. This will help to ensure that the resources that have gone into creating the imagery are not taken without your permission, or without recognition of your site and/or business.

    The Importance of Infographics

    Once you understand why you should be using infographics it is important to create them purposefully, and meaningfully. There is no sense making pretty pictures for the sake of it, without a concise message to convey. In this article ‘12 ways to make infographics that ROCK‘, Optimind Technology Solutions discuss the importance of quality, research and fact checking, as well as 10 other ways to ensure your message is relevant and packaged in a meaningful way.

    They include the caveat that infographics do not offer SEO value since Google cannot read them. Infographics do, however target the audience and benefit SEO campaigns because of their high sharability. SEO requires inbound links. The more people who share your infographic, the higher the inbound links – so make your infographic count and put it as part of your content marketing strategy.

    Creating an Infographic

    The most important thing when creating an infographic, once you have your message clear and factual, is great design. The design really does need to convey your message in an attractive and useful way. If your team doesn’t have graphic design as one of their strengths, pay someone that does.

    There is lots of great software available that can help the design process, but for something that is really effective, it pays to use a professional. For some inspiration before speaking with your graphic designer, you can refer to many great internet articles such as ’50 informative and well-designed infographics’, which states that creating Infographic is one of the most challenging types of graphic design because the creation process alone is pretty intensive.

    The 3 Essentials to a Great Infographic

    1.     Pick an interesting topic. Is the message one your customers are interested in? With so much access to information these days, your customers can be even more up to speed on advancements in your industry than sometimes even you are. Make sure the information you are providing is up to date and above all relevant

    2.    Research Research Research. And in case you missed it RESEARCH! The information you are conveying to your customers has to be the most up to date and factual version. Your customers are just a click away from verifying statistics, and you will look foolish, or even dishonest and unethical if you display misleading information

    3.    Design is everything. Think carefully about the imagery and colour palette you use. Does it reflect your brand and company image? Make sure these are consistent with the topic and with proven psychological research. You don’t want the words telling one story but the pictures telling something completely different. If your infographic is about your business, keep the brand consistency constant throughout.

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