How to Write SEO Friendly Product Descriptions That Sell

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    If you had one chance to sell your product to someone, what would you say?

    Unlike a physical store, if you’re selling products online, you need to convince and convert your audience in a matter of minutes. You won’t be able to include any fancy hair flicks or super suave sweet talking from a sales assistant with the gift of the gab but instead you’ll have to sell based on your website’s product page.

    There are a lot of aspects that make up an excellent product page and a high-converting ecommerce website. However today we are going to solely focus on the product description, vital to both sales and Perth SEO success.

    There are some common questions asked by website owners when it comes time to working on describing their products:

    • Should I include a product description?
    • Is it best to use the brand/manufacturers description for the product?
    • How do I write a good product description?

    So let’s get stuck in and refresh those product pages to make them full of enticing copy which will boost sales and your SEO power.

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    Should I Include a Product Description?

    Yes! A product description is invaluable to selling a product online alongside helping your SEO efforts. Google adores good quality website content, so the more good quality content your website has, the better your SEO results and sales will be.

    If you’re writing first and foremost for the user and providing useful, insightful and maybe even entertaining descriptions, Google will reward you for this.

    Is it best to use the brand/manufacturers description for the product?

    No! Duplicate content is bad, very bad. It is one of the golden rules of SEO and online etiquette – do not copy content (or images for that fact, unless you have permission) from anywhere on the internet. It’s terrible form for one and secondly, it could get your site penalised or banned from Google.

    If you copy content from a large established manufacturer who probably has an online reputation that’s through the roof, then why do you think your product page with identical copy will rank in the search results above theirs? The chance of this happening is highly unlikely. Google is not going to post 10 results on the first page which all say the same thing, instead it’ll choose the original source (and most relevant/highly regarded) and the rest will be left out in the cold (i.e. page 2 or worse).

    There are various tools, paid and free on the web you can use to locate duplicate content on your website like Siteliner. Once you have located the punishable pages on your site you can then use a website like Copyscape to find the exact sites the copy is duplicated from and then focus on making your product descriptions and web copy 100% yours.

    How Do You Write a Good Product Description?

    There’s two things that make a person good at writing product descriptions:

    1.      They have a knack for writing.

    2.      They know the products and the audience.

    Both elements can definitely be practised and worked on, so don’t rule yourself out yet! Some quick tips to get you going are:

    • Write in your own words.
    • Aim for 200 words minimum.
    • Get inside the customers head and think about what they would want to know about the product.
    • Make it sound like it’s an essential product the buyer needs.
    • Make it sound as though the product will save them money.
    • Highlight multi-use and unique aspects of the product.

    To start off, it’s best to make a list of the specs you need to cover and then incorporate these into a creative description. Think about the questions customers already ask/the language they use when talking about a product, and use this knowledge to assist you in writing a description which will encourage the user to take action and hit that buy now button.

    HOT TIP:

    If you’re at a loss thinking about what customers ask and/or think about the product, why not try looking up online reviews. Places like will be full of different opinions and reviews which you can use to evoke your creative writing on a product. This is especially helpful if you haven’t used/tried the product before or very often.

    In Summary

    Product descriptions are vital for increased sales and improved SEO. By sticking to Google’s guidelines and appealing to your audience, you’ll have the perfect mixture for online sales success.

    If you’d like help improving your online sales and SEO, give our team a call for a no-obligation chat on (08) 9361 9534 or contact us online.

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