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Implementing SEO into Your Marketing Campaign

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    If you are hoping to see your brand, new business venture or products hit the market positively then you will need to use the Internet in your marketing. Thankfully the Internet provides a lot of excellent tools which can be used for free in order to be seen and be heard. Furthermore the Internet is very assessable and the marketing campaigns can be a lot cheaper compared with television advertising campaigns and printed material. However these are still areas of marketing which do have a lot of weight behind them and are greatly beneficial to business.

    In order to create an excellent marketing campaign it is a good idea to use traditional advertising along with SEO techniques. That way you have a solid presence in all areas and your initial marketing boost can be sustained thanks to your organic SEO strategies after the initial buzz dies down. The only real point to remember is that SEO is a long process, so to maximise the potential you will have to get started with your SEO strategies very early on in your campaign.

    What Can SEO do for you?

    SEO, when used correctly, can help your website achieve high rankings in the search engine results pages. The number one slot is highly sought after as this is the position which achieves the highest amount of traffic and therefore the highest conversion possibilities. The problem with this is that optimisation takes a lot of time and dedication and it is something that cannot be hurried.

    You won’t see immediate results such as with your advertisements on television and the radio. These are designed to give instant sales boosts, but they can be short lived. SEO is there to back up your paid advertising by making sure that you will still be present long after your PPC, advertisements and printed materials die out.

    You can use your in-house marketing team providing they have up-to-date training with the latest techniques which will need to be implemented. Alternatively, and more commonly, it is possible to outsource your SEO to a company that is able to provide those services for you.

    Make sure the Search Engines are the First to Know

    There are many different methods which the SEO experts can use to begin optimising your brand or business even in the very early days. This involves getting Google to recognise your pages before anyone has even heard of you. PPC campaigns help to get the ball rolling and organic SEO can help to keep you in the SERPs once your site has become more established.

    Some of the strategies which are applied in the early stages include:

    • Working on local SEO – Adding your company to directories such as Google Places. It can take between six to eight weeks for your Google Places listing to appear so this needs to be done very early on in your marketing campaign.
    • Building your brand socially – Create profiles on all the major social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Do not limit yourself to these two, use all of the platforms. They will all help to increase the number of backlinks to your website and help you to reach your target audiences.
    • Create original content – Modern SEO requires your website to be moulded around the idea that it is a high quality site. You have to be sure that you tailor your content to satisfying your users not just the algorithms of the search engines.
    • Keyword Research – Discover the terms that your target audience will be using to search for services or products like yours on the search engines.

    By implementing SEO early on in your marketing you can increase the likelihood that once you open your doors for business, your targeted users will be able to find you on the basis of their search terms. Make sure that you start working on your SEO as soon as you begin working on your website, printed materials, traditional media advertising and PPC campaigns to give you a head start in building up your brand naturally on the Internet.

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