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Important questions to ask your SEO provider

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    If you are still in the market for an SEO provider, but aren’t sure how to separate the cowboys from the professionals, here are a few things to consider when interviewing potential companies. You may have built an amazing looking site that works well but be disappointed in the amount of visitors you are receiving, let alone the lack of sales. Many new business owners in Perth who expect their site to rank well in the search engines are left confused by the poor performance the site achieves. This is when SEO providers are called to help amend the situation.

    If you have begun the search for a Perth SEO company, you will need to ask some good questions to eliminate the cowboys. This can be hard if you have only just heard about search engine optimisation. Here are a few of the most important questions that you should be asking your potenital SEO provider to ensure they are right for you.

    Are Your SEO Providers Experienced Enough

    • How long have you been in business? This is a great question to ask. It gives the SEO providers a chance to let you know a little of their history and gives you an idea of the amount of experience they have
    •  Have you any clients working in the same industry as me? You want to know if they understand your industry, and also if they understand your target audience. This is also a good way to know if you will be competing with any of their other clients, ask if they have a policy on conflicts of interest.
    • Do you have many long term clients? If the SEO company has several longstanding clients then this is a sign that other firms find their services profitable and have built up a good relationship with the firm. Ask for a reference or recommendation if you wish, a good SEO provider will be more than happy to show off their past successes.

    Check the Details of the Service

    • Is there a minimum timescale? You may be asked to commit for a minimum of six months or longer. Check the details of the contract before signing it.
    • Is it possible to end the contract early?  If you are not happy with the service or if they fail to meet an agreed upon benchmark,then you may wish to end the service. One point to remember here is that you should not expect instant results from your SEO provider.  SEO takes time and you will need to be patient.
    • What are the upfront costs? Some SEO providers charge a one off fee when starting a new contract.  You may also be expected to pay for a month in advance so ask about the costs and terms and conditions so you do not have any nasty surprises.

    Details of the Work Involved

    • How soon will you be starting work for my website? You might have to wait a week or two before the contracts and plan of action has been created before work starts.
    • How many hours a month will be devoted to your site on an ongoing basis?
    • Are you techniques above board? It is essential you use a SEO provider that uses white hat techniques, those that conform with Google’s terms of service in particular. Check their plan of action and if in doubt get a second opinion.

    See if the SEO Providers are Happy to Communicate

    • Will you send me reports? SEO KPIs can often be monitored, so ask to see the results of your SEO provider’s work.
    • Who is my first port of call? Some firms will provide you with a project or account manager while others use a team.  Ask for a direct telephone number for someone so if you have any concerns you are able to make direct contact.

    These are the basic questions to ask any SEO provider you are working with.  The other point to remember is to follow your intuition.  If you find a great company with amazing results but you dislike the CEO or account manager, would you be able to work with them in the long term? Use the questions together with your judgement and begin the optimising journey on the right foot.

    White Chalk Road is happy to answer any and all of your questions about SEO and seeking alternative quotes, as we know it can be a daunting experience wading through the information.

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