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Is your Google Adwords Account Being Mismanaged?

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    If you are a small business owner who outsources your pay per click marketing efforts, then it is important to make sure that you are getting the most for your money. At the very least, you must familiarise yourself with the basics of how pay per click marketing, particularly Adwords, works. Once you understand this, you will be able to more adequately judge how well your Adwords team is actually performing for you.

    If you fail to take the time to learn, then you will be an easy target for someone who is willing to take advantage of your ignorance. Here are a few things to keep your eye on to make sure that your Google Adwords campaigns are being run effectively.

    No Landing Page

    One of the biggest tipoffs that your Adwords campaigns are being handled in a less than optimal way is if all your Ads are leading to your website’s homepage, rather than to a specialised landing page. When an Internet user clicks on one of your ads, it is almost always best to have that click lead to a special offer page. In contrast to a random web surfer, the user who clicked on your ad has already expressed interest in your product or service. Now all you need to do is transform that prospect into a paying customer. This is generally much easier to do if you lead the user to a specific landing page for each ad campaign.

    No Clearly Defined Ad Groups

    If your Adwords manager isn’t using multiple ad groups, then they aren’t maximising your potential sales and conversions. In order to maximise conversions, you should have a different ad for each product or service that you offer. If you sell products related to pet birds, then you should have a different ad and a different landing page depending on whether the Internet user searched for “bird feed” or “bird houses”. In each case, the searcher has indicated a specified interest, and you probably have a special product to fulfill each need. This is far more effective than simply leading the prospect to a generalized sales page.

    No New Ads Being Tested

    Like most aspects of the entrepreneurial process, the art of choosing the right ads is largely a process of trial and error. If you aren’t consistently testing new ads, then you are undoubtedly operating far from optimally. It is extremely easy to try new ad headlines and new keyword campaigns in your Google Search Ads. As long as the conversion rate is faithfully tracked, you will be able to easily discard the campaigns that don’t work and amp up the ones that do.

    Content and Search Networks

    Your Adwords ads typically appear in two vastly different circumstances. The first is on the search network, and the second is on the content network. The search network is when an Internet user actually performs a search on a search engine like Google.

    The content network is when your ad appears around related content on someone’s website or blog. Both ad types can lead to new customers and more revenues, but it is a grave mistake to lump the two together. In many instances, one network works well for a particular keyword, while the other network is a loser for the same keyword. By separating these out, you can greatly increase your profitability.

    If you determine that your Adwords team isn’t taking these simple steps to make your ad campaigns continually more effective and profitable, then perhaps it is time to hire someone else. There is no reason to stick with someone who isn’t getting those results for you.

    We’re keen to discuss with you how we can effectively manage your Pay-Per-Click campaign. Call, email us or simply use our contact form to get the conversation started.

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