Keeping Your Finger on the Pulse – Why LinkedIn’s New Tool is So Awesome

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    14 11 2014 11 28 17 am

    As a content writer, blogger or marketing professional it’s become increasingly vital to choose the right channels for your articles. These days there’s no shortage of social media Ad platforms and networking opportunities, but the time and energy required to ensure your content is generating interest can be overwhelming.

    One of the hardest parts about this industry is actually building an audience. It’s something a lot of bloggers and content writers struggle with, and let’s face it, all your hard work means nothing if it’s not engaging the right people.  This, my friends, is where LinkedIn Pulse comes in.

    1. So, What is it Exactly?

    As far as business networking and marketing goes, LinkedIn has become an increasingly popular and beneficial platform. A while back, LinkedIn quietly agreed to acquire Pulse, a newsreader app with over 30 million registered users. This $90 million purchase – a blogging tool for publishing articles on their platform – is absolutely brilliant.

    When LinkedIn first started in 2002, it attracted an audience that were primarily looking for work or business networking opportunities. Over 10 years later, it’s been transformed from a resume database and an online portfolio to an everyday resource for like-minded people working in any field. LinkedIn Pulse is helping the platform advance – turning it into the go-to news source that focuses on reading articles shared by professionals with similar interests.

    2. What It Means to Have Your Finger on the Pulse

    In such a fast-paced, social media infused industry having your finger on the pulse is essential in keeping up – especially when it comes to the way you market your content. LinkedIn Pulse provides access to a much more targeted demographic to the right audience in your industry. Unlike other social media platforms, LinkedIn is built and arranged with one purpose – to grow professional relationships. This means your content isn’t just in front of anyone, but business influences at every level.

    For news hungry readers that thrive on being up-to-date with everyone in their industry, LinkedIn Pulse provides easy access to professional content and the latest insights which can be easily shares amongst social networks, via SMS or email. The search item allows content to be pulled from a growing catalogue, including results from major sites like Google, Facebook, Flickr and more. The app also lets you add additional sites to your newsfeed to follow too. This gives readers’ access to niche content all in the one place, imagine what it would be like to publish your articles on it?

    3. A Blogger’s Dream

    By now you’re probably wondering just why LinkedIn has switched from an online resume to a content fuelled platform. With the value of great content evidently clear in the world of online marketing, LinkedIn views content as a connector amongst professionals – and they’re right. LinkedIn Pulse provides an opportunity for people to connect through this valuable content who may not otherwise have had the opportunity.

    One of the biggest advantages of LinkedIn Pulse is that it takes networking to a whole new level. It offers a niche way to share your knowledge in a tool that sorts articles by ideas, topics and themes, rather than being bombarded by a continuous stream of content. By combining great accessible content with LinkedIn’s key idea – networking – Pulse articles can open up a world of opportunities from new introductions to possible contributions elsewhere. If the content is really good, you can eventually build your name as an industry expert and really influence people in your industry.

    4. Rich in SEO Value and Social Benefits

    Building credibility as a knowledgeable source in your industry is essential in directing readers to your website and social media channels. By publishing content through LinkedIn Pulse, you don’t just tap into the already highly trafficked platform LinkedIn offers, but you’re driving that traffic back to your website through content that is rich in SEO value.

    Valuable content through the LinkedIn Pulse platform is likely to be viewed (and indexed) by Google the same way that LinkedIn profiles are. Consequently, you have every opportunity to maximise your search engine visibility with a high search quality rating.

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