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Major Marketing Trends We Shouldn’t Be Avoiding

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    The constant growth in marketing and the use of its tools and technology presents exciting changes and trends that are too good to be ignored. In the last five years, marketing has undergone most of its innovations and now secures us in a time where we can build our own crowd, and promote our products and services to them without relying on mass-media or paying for their attention.

    But unfortunately these days it just isn’t enough to be a marketing wizard and tech-savvy. Now there is also a tenacious need to understand the growing choice we have and the risks that challenge each decision we make.

    Inside this media explosion and shifting resources, here are some of the leading movements that marketing representatives and corporate individuals should keep a finger on the pulse for.

    Social Media Amplifies

    With an increasing amount of selections it’s safe to say that the social media networks are simply at the tip of your finger and an easily accessible option. An enormous group of marketers have already been induced by the social media craze and are using these networks to promote their brand with the capacity now evolving rapidly.

    Using the right strategies, social media can provide a strong link between you and the influences and decision makers across the world. It can create awareness of your product or service and acts as one of the most dominant marketing opportunities today.

    Mobile Marketing

    Also taking the world by storm is mobile marketing with the increasing rise of tablets and smart phones. As more and more people start to prefer the use of their phones over desktop computers, the door to a whole new style of marketing possibilities is opened and if you’re not investing heavily into the tactics, opportunities will be missed and your website can be missing out.

    Optimising content for these mobile platforms has become a crucial implement in delivering marketing messages and companies are starting to either create separate apps or redesign their websites to move with the times (or both if you really want to use it to your advantage!) Consumers are increasingly receiving emails and meeting requests, buying products, networking and viewing content from their phones resulting in much higher traffic statistics.

    Content Marketing

    Content marketing isn’t a new trend but has become increasingly prevalent with the amount of importance placed on it in the last 12 months, especially when optimising for search engines. In the mix of being blinded by the latest marketing ‘toys’ like Facebook, we have missed the day-to-day marketing practices that have been around for years.

    The reputation of content marketing and the effects of its role across multimedia, digital marketing and social media is becoming a fundamental focus for many brands. It’s becoming a vital trend in recognising and adapting your strategies to meet web realities and is the basis of all digital marketing – after all it’s the content that gives people a reason to read, view or share.

    The Digital Wallet

    Spending has just got a whole heap easier, which may or may not be a good thing! With technology truly shaping the way we live in everyday life, the digital wallet is another trend that is sneaking its way forward and starting to have an impact on both consumers and marketing executives.

    As buyers want the easiest and most convenient paying methods companies such as Google, Apple and EBay are changing the way we purchase everyday goods. NFC (Near Field Communication) is starting to attract a huge amount of attention and works by identifying you and your bank account to a computer through a low power wireless system, no pairing code needed. Major organisations and firms like Visa and MasterCard are slowly clueing onto the trend and making investments into mobile payment options.

    Visual Marketing

    A picture is worth a thousand words and so it goes without saying that graphical content sites fuel consumer’s desire for design and photography to market a brand.

    Visual marketing first become an apparent mainstream awareness with YouTube and since then has seen the likes’ of social media networks, Instagram and Pinterest emerge into a breakout trend with apps like Instagram now giving users an option to upload short videos whilst still incorporating the renowned ‘vintage filters’ they offer.

    Marketing executives and organisations are now climbing the ladder of creativity in search for pioneering inspiration to ‘show-off’ their product or service and cut through the online chaos by increasing their engagement with consumers.

    And So The Trend Continues

    It’s not just about the manifold options and exciting media crazes though, it’s about learning to adapt to these new trends and understand how people are receiving the marketing messages. The freedom these movements give to take control of your own campaign comes only at a cost of time and density and relies on persistent creation, managing and the ability to move with the times in order to have a valuable marketing impact.

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