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Building a New Website? Read These SEO Tips First

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    Are you building a new website, or redeveloping your current website? Before you do anything (including picking a website layout or site structure) talk to an SEO services expert about your new website SEO Strategy. You can have the most amazing looking website in the world, but if it is not optimised for Google and other search engines, no one will ever find it.

    At White Chalk Road, we work closely with businesses and website developers, to run an SEO audit ensuring websites are set up the right way, to have the best chance of being found in search results. Before you start picking layouts and designs, talk to an expert about your SEO Strategy. To help you get started, we have put together some of the top new website SEO considerations.

    New Website SEO Strategy

    You wouldn’t launch a marketing campaign without a marketing strategy, so why are you launching your website without an SEO strategy?

    All parties, including Business Owners, Website Developers and SEO Experts, need to work together to map out the strategy, to ensure everyone is on the same page about the goals of the website. Its much easier to build it right the first time, then to try and re-do it down the track. Mapping out a clear strategy will save you time and money.

    So where do you start? It all begins with keyword research…

    Keyword Research & Mapping

    Your new website SEO strategy begins with keyword research. This involves researching what and how your target audience are searching online. By understanding what and where your target audience are searching, you can create a strategy to make sure you are front and centre, when they are searching for your products and services.

    By understanding your audience’s habits and behaviours, you can tailor your marketing specifically to them, to guarantee success.

    Once you have decided on your targeted, high search volume keywords, create a dedicated landing page for each of them. This will ensure you have a targeted, relevant landing page for search engines to show to your audience, exactly when they are searching for it.

    Site Architecture

    Site structure is a big one, for both search engines and your potential customers. Google loves a clean, easy to follow site structure with simple URLs.

    Your customers are the same! Design your website with your end user in mind, and ensure your call to actions are front and centre, to encourage the right user actions on your website.

    Website Speed

    Website speed is hugely important for both user experience and getting found online. For every second it takes your web pages to load, you are losing potential customers. Anything more then 3 seconds and you have lost them forever.

    As such, it is also a ranking factor for Google. The Speed Update was launched in 2018, making page speed a ranking factor for both mobile and desktop searches. So make sure you keep your website speed in mind, when designing your new website.


    Search engines need to be able to ‘read’ or ‘crawl’ your website. If they can’t do this, then they will not show your website in the search results. Simple clean code, with plenty of structured data will help Google read your website and show it in search results.

    Content Management System

    You may have heard WordPress, Squarespace, Shopify or WIX thrown around, as Content Management System (CMS) options. A CMS allows you to easily manage the content on your website (without having to understand coding etc).

    So which CMS should you use? All CMS options have their pros and cons. Most web developers and SEO specialists will have their preferred CMS systems; so choose the one that is best for you. Do your research on costs and benefits to decide which is right for your business.

    At the end of the day, Google and other search engines remain agnostic towards CMS platforms, as they cannot be seen to favour one over another when providing search results. Having said this, there are some CMS platforms which are easier to optimise for SEO, so have a chat to an SEO specialist to help make the right decision.

    Domain Name

    Your Domain Name is also important, not only for SEO, but your overall marketing. Your domain name is the internet address of your website, such as:

    Make your domain name memorable. Strive for domain names that are short, easy to remember, easy to type, and easy to say. This will make it easier for your customers to remember, and for search engines to index.

    In Australia, using a address will help Google direct traffic to your site from Australian sources and increase visibility when people are searching for local suppliers. If you have a product or service that’s accessible worldwide, a .com domain may be the better option.

    User friendly

    Long-term SEO relies on user-friendliness. If your customers can’t easily navigate your website you may end up losing a lot of your traffic, before they convert.

    User experience is also important for search engines. Google’s end goal is a good user experience. They will look at a range of factors, including time spent on site, bounce rate and other user behaviours, to determine whether you site is easy for users to navigate. If it isn’t, they won’t show it in search results.

    Meta Titles and Descriptions

    Metadata is another important factor, when getting your new website found online. The metadata is found in the backend of your website and explains to Google what the page is about. It is what is displayed in search results, for your webpage, for example:

    Example Metadata

    You can optimise your meta titles and descriptions with keywords relevant to your page using effective SEO copywriting best practices. This will help Google display the right page in search results. It also helps users understand what your page is about and will improve the click through to your website.

    Get New Website Strategy Advise

    It’s important to get your new website strategy right, to save you time and money in the long run. To get found online, you need to build your new website with both search engines and your target audience in mind. White Chalk Road have been developing New Website Strategies for Australian businesses, for over 20 years. Contact us to get advice for your new website build, to ensure you can be easily found online, by your customers.

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