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Optimise by Targeting People over Algorithms

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    SEO is all about optimising your website in order to improve the rankings of your pages on the search engine results pages. In the past SEO experts have been aiming to tick all the boxes with the search engine algorithms in order to help pages reach the number one position. This is still the aim today, but the difference is that now one of the major factors involves user satisfaction.

    Poor Content Means Low Ranking

    The latest move against spam and poor content has meant that many pages on the Internet which were performing well are now complete non achievers in the SERPS. As a result of web content being deemed as poor quality by the latest algorithms, a website will fall out of the number one slot, and it is even possible to practically fall out of search altogether. This can be very problematic to businesses, so to avoid being lost in the millions of other poor quality website it is time to take action.

    Evaluate your Website and bring it Up to Date

    The best place to start is by carrying out a full technical SEO evaluation of your site as it is currently. Using analytical tools it is possible to check to see the keywords used by the browsers who stumble across your site, compare the amount of traffic against sales achieved over the Internet and now you can even check the speed of all your pages.

    Also to note is Google’s ‘Panda’ algorithm update which was rolled out in April 2011, introduced to help good websites be found and poor websites to be pushed down in the rankings. If you haven’t worked on optimising your web content towards the users then Google will effectively punish you for it.

    Boost your SEO

    After evaluating how your site is performing you then need to look at all of the content on your site. This includes your static pages as well as your blogs and articles which you publish. You have to check that all the content is original, if it isn’t you will need to rewrite it all, or hire someone to do it for you, as soon as possible. Carry out a keyword evaluation as these are still important to your site, just be sure not to spam the words, and deliver information regarding the keywords, and not just use them to attract visitors.

    Create a Blog using Original Content

    A blog is a good way of using your target keywords and delivering information so ensure that you include one on your website as part of your SEO strategy. Again it is paramount that you please Google and Bing by delivering original work, that is fresh rather than simply reusing old content found elsewhere on the web.

    It is possible to create multiple organic backlinks by adding the URL onto your social network sites. Tweeting and Facebook likes are both beneficial when it comes to satisfying the algorithms and therefore it is highly recommended to spend the time working on your social media platforms and socialising your brand.

    The main thing to remember is your site must be targeting your customer and not the algorithms. The content needs to have a purpose, and the purpose is to give the users information. By doing so your site will be considered as being good quality and you should see some positive movement in the search engine results pages.

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