Our Top 15 Most Read and Shared Articles for 2014

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    From penguins, pandas and hummingbirds, to a non-existent update to PageRank it’s been a big year in the world of online marketing. We’ve seen the need for decent content boom and an opportunity to redefine it as a strong foundation for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). New social media tools have made building audiences even easier, and Google authorship has been credited as an ideal way to be viewed as an industry expert.

    There’s no denying it’s been a busy year! So, to close out 2014 and take these big changes and developments into consideration, we’d like to highlight our top 15 most read and shared articles over the past 12 months.

    15. Marketers Move Budgets to Meet Digital Potential

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    The future of digital marketing is brought to light based on PwC’s annual Entertainment and Media Outlook report. This blog post explores how Australian marketing departments are shifting their focus from traditional advertising to digital and social media channels. It’s estimated that, over the next 5 years, Australia’s total entertainment and media market is going to reach $39 billion. Check out all the details here.

    14. Why and How to Blog – Tips and Tricks Your Company Needs to Know About

    You hear it all the time, how beneficial blogging is to a business – but how do you know it’s going to work for you? And will it really work!? According to stats revealed by Hub Spot, blogging is one of the most effective ways to attract potential customers to your website. This blog post explores blogging as a tool, complete with content writing tips and what a great blog post should include.

    13. An SEO Minefield – How Do We Solve a Problem like PDFs?

    From an SEO perspective, PDFs can be an absolute headache. There’s oodles of issues that can surround them, including low conversion rates and directing users offsite. We take a close look at what can go wrong with PDFs, and how you can solve these issues ensuring they work better for you and your website. Read the full article here.

    12. Keeping Your Finger on the Pulse – Why LinkedIn’s New Tools is So Awesome

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    Every year we’re bombarded with the latest social media platforms. Even for the best of us, it can get overwhelming trying to keep up with it all.  One thing that does remain constant however, is the need to keep your finger on the pulse in an industry that’s so fast paced. This article showcases a tool that does just that – and it’s a content marketer’s dream!

    11. SEO and the Shift to Searchable Content

    The term ‘SEO’ can be a dirty word when it’s associated with unacceptable practices. Our CEO, Charles Ryder, talks about how Search Engine Optimisation has actually moved on, and how you can too. With a brief history into the SEO industry and how it’s evolved today, the blog post explores the new age of content marketing.

    10. Online Reputation – How to Change Google’s Auto-Complete Suggestions

    Feel like having a little fun with Google? Here’s an entertaining post about how it only takes 100 searches to change Google’s predictive search results! Based on a campaign done by a team in Ireland (Limerick 2030) some unique measures were taken to ensure everyone had a more positive view about their hometown. Read the full article here and try it for yourself!

    9. 4 Guest Post Outreach Opportunities to Avoid in 2014

    2015 01 08 13 58 31
    There was some serious talk in 2014 about the death of guest posting for SEO purposes. Major search engines like Google are cracking down and fresh, informative and relevant content has never been so crucial. At White Chalk Road, we know there can be some fantastic benefits with guest post opportunities – but it needs to be done right. Here’s a few you definitely want to avoid.

    8. White Chalk Road Wins Best Online Business Awards at the BSBAs

    WCR had some exciting news last year – we were nominated for the Best Online Business Award at the Belmont Small Business Awards and we won! To find out why we were chosen and how we strive to translate a complicated industry to our clients, read the full article here.

    7. The Beginner’s Guide to Pinterest and How to Use it to Your Advantage

    Most of you are probably familiar with the visual platform, Pinterest. Its creative magic has drawn in over 70 million users to date and from a business perspective, it can do you a world of wonders. From content inspiration to networking opportunities and SEO incentives it’s no surprise the Pinterest craze is real. Check out the article here.

    6. 5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs to Market Online Today

    In such a technology-fuelled world, businesses that market themselves online definitely have a better advantage. Still, not everyone is quite convinced it is the best way. Based on the latest statistics, this article discusses how a well-designed website can act as the shop-front of your business and why consumers are going to want to see an online presence before they buy a product or use a service.

    5. How to Improve Your Website in 1 Hour

    Cruising its way in at number 5 for our most read articles, website improvements you can do in an hour offers some great tips. You don’t need to be a site developer to get it right, you don’t even need to be a computer wizard! There are tools and tricks that can boost your website anyone can do, take a look here.

    4. Stop Being Confused by Google Plus, Google Local and YouTube

    2015 01 08 13 59 21
    Even if you’re not in the industry, you’ve probably questioned at one point or another exactly when Google is going to take over the world. Almost everyone uses it – whether it’s for searching the net or watching that popular YouTube video. It’s an empire, hence why it’s very easy to get confused by it all. This blog post gives you a quick rundown of Google’s networking sites with tips on how to make each one work for you.

    3. How Inbox Zero, GTD and Outlook Tasks Keep Me Sane

    Whether you run your own business or simply need some organisation in your life, our task management article gives some valuable insight into what systems can actually be trusted. Tried and tested and complete with a step-by-step guide to implement, you’ll be able to stop pulling your hair out and reduce that workload.

    2. Google vs. Facebook – Who Wins the Business Battle?

    In the social media industry, Google and Facebook always seem to be competing with each other. Some say Google takes favour because it’s such a huge platform, but other marketing professionals and business owners swear by Facebook. This article weighs up both sides of the fence, exploring the similarities and differences between the two. Find out who wins the battle here.

    1. How a Content Calendar Can Take Your Blog Down the Road to Success

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    Rated the most visited article for 2014 on our White Chalk Road blog, the incentives behind a content calendar are revealed. This blog post talks about how a content calendar can improve content creation, fuel creativity and get you organised. As an added bonus, there’s some content creation and a template to get you started.

    The team at White Chalk Road look forward to another busy year, with our blog giving you the latest industry news and tools to keep you in the loop.

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