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Is Twitter an Effective Marketing Channel?

A few years back I first caught wind of a new social media platform known as “Twitter”. It was explained to me as follows: “Twitter...
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How to Detect Poor SEO Consultants or Companies

Anyone who's anyone in the SEO biz will remember about half a year back when Derek Powazek went on a wild-eyed, mouth-foaming diatribe against SEO....
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The Psychology of Sales Conversion

To conclude our series of articles on how to effectively sell online, I wanted to finish with a small piece of wisdom I found in...
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Sales Conversion Secrets Of The Worlds Best Websites

Now, I can hear some of you saying: “But I’m not a big firm with a well established and known brand, like or Microsoft...
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Does Your Website Sell?

The most beautiful websites in the world are about as much use as a screen door on a submarine if they don’t convert visitors (to...
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Selling Online vs Selling Offline – What’s The Difference?

It amazes me how often website owners have this strange idea that selling online is radically different from selling offline! As a business owner, would...
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How To Increase Sales To Clients And Prospects

If you are not keeping in contact with your past clients, you are MISSING out on a golden opportunity to boost sales & referrals! If...
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5 Top AdWords Landing Page Tips

As I mentioned in my previous post, setting up a successful Google AdWords campaign isn't as simple as just stuffing a few "relevent" keywords into...
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Some Google AdWords Best Practises

One of our main business offerings is Google AdWords consulting and management services. We manage close to $1,000,000.00 worth of adspend per year through Google...

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