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    These days, people very rarely make a purchase without doing some form of online research. Even the smallest item online will have a ton of reviews to trawl through, making the decision for the customer easier, while also giving your website an SEO boost from positive chatter about your business online. Savvy shoppers know that advertising should be taken with a grain of salt and that the real story lies with those who have come before them.

    How Can You Leverage This?

    Whether you sell online, or have a company website with information about your product or service, you can be sure that most of your potential customers have stalked your company name, product reviews and general chatter about your product. Website reviews are simply the best marketing that money can’t buy.

    If you are genuinely giving great customer service and you believe in your product, then asking happy customers to leave you positive reviews around the web should be easy. Sites such as Yelp, Google My Business as well as industry specific forums are fast becoming authorities in their own right on your products and services. You can prepare instructions for your clients and customers on how to do this, as well as mentioning it in a follow up email. An easy way to get them to connect is to have all of your social connections in your email signature.

    Social networking sites play a huge part as well. If you have a Facebook page or Twitter account, no doubt some customers will want to interact with you publicly, as a way to get their voice heard and get a response sooner rather than later. Sometimes there can be negative press, but this is your opportunity to publicly go above and beyond to solve any problems that might have occurred.

    Case Studies and Testimonials.

    A great way to get ahead of the public curve is to actually prepare case studies to show potential customers. Any successful account or sale can be turned into a story to tell your potential customers about how you were able to deliver the goods in a highly satisfactory way. You can add this to your website for people to find on their own, as well as showing people in store/office, as a way to communicate that your product or service does do what it is meant to, and more.

    How Do I Prepare One?

    Get back to basics. Once you know what you want to share, and have the blessing of the customer you will be writing about, remember back to high school report writing.

    Who was the client? If they are a well-known person or company, this could be a great opportunity for them as well as you for some publicity. Even if it’s just Joe Customer who was ecstatically happy with your work, treat it the same way. Introduce them to your potential customers, and make them comfortable that they are real!

    What was the problem? Describe what the customer wanted, what problem they wanted to solve, and how your product solved it for them.

    How did it turn out? Have some quotes from the customer, some statistics if applicable, or photos to aid the storytelling. If the results aren’t typical, mention what more you did to make their results supercharged. If they are typical, use that as an opportunity to point out that your product or service can work for them too.

    It’s important to tell the complete story in a quick succinct way that makes what you are offering an attractive prospect. Everyone likes to find a positive story when researching online, so these stories, reviews and testimonials can make sure that your customers feel good about your brand.

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