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SEO in 2013

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    Recently, UK SEO event Search London addressed what many people are already asking, what does SEO look like in 2013? There were well known speakers at the meetup, Lee Smallwood and Richard Baxter, founder of SEOGadget. It is impossible to know exactly what will happen in the coming year, however both speakers were able to present interesting insight into what 2013 may look like for SEO.


    Google’s social media tool will play a growing part in a company’s online strategy. Those with Google+ profiles completed with a photo, have seen an increase in click through rate (CTR) to their website. In a competitive market, Google+ will be even more important and the rich snippet appears after a few days of completing a Google+ profile. Lee Smallwood recommended people split their posts they write, half they should post on G+ and the half they should put on their own website. This way content is growing within their Google+ account and it is easily shareable through this social media platform

    Having a Google+ profile is also very important for reputation management which will have a big impact on the perception people have on an organisation. Customers leave reviews on a brand’s Google+ page and it is therefore important a company responds to these reviews especially if they are negative.

    Optimise everything

    Companies who optimise their websites correctly will see sites naturally linking to them. One example that was mentioned at Search London was a company called Valve who had produced a comprehensive document by their HR department showing the benefits of working for that organisation. Normally websites ignore the HR and careers pages, focusing their efforts on optimising the products and services pages, but in this case it was valuable information and many people linked to this site because of it. SEOGadget decided to optimise their website including the careers page. They especially wanted to attract interest in their growing organisation as they just opened an office in San Francisco.

    Learn and test – this is the 2013 mantra

    It is important to try out new ideas, without the fear of failing. SEOGadget often experiments with new projects and assesses its success. Those ideas that work well are sold to their clients and yield some fantastic results. For those working in agencies, implementing new ideas will mean clients’ confidence in the agency grows and may lead to a larger budget for the following year.

    Be Great and Creative

    Richard Baxter’s predictions for 2013 is that those in SEO will have to be great at their job and work smarter than ever before. They should have the confidence to tell clients new ideas, be agile and creative but also work within a budget. This may push the boundaries of SEO content marketing but it may also mean being ahead of competitors. By being different and implementing new ideas, those in SEO will be rewarded in dominating the search results.

    Master Technical SEO

    With all the discussions about social media, those in search may easily forget their roots which is technical SEO. There was a time when if a website was optimised with a few title tags, that company would see an increase in rankings. It still helps to increase visibility of a website and should not be replaced with social media. It is important to look at the data of a site, such as the log files. It may take time to go through the files but it shows elements of a site that Google Webmaster tools does not always highlight.


    Looking back at the beginning of 2012, no one could have predicted where the search industry is today. However, Google’s investment in social media is a clear sign that G+ will see its user base grow exponentially. At the moment, there are a mix of those using G+, some to use it just to achieve high rankings, some want to have a higher social media presence and others are moving from Facebook. The lines between social media and SEO will become even more blurred and the position of where a company is ranking will have to include a social visibility score.

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