Show Your Website some Love This Valentine’s Day

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    Is your relationship with your website feeling a bit stale?

    Maybe when you first got together things were great – you felt a spark of excitement when you saw its glossy appearance – all corporate colours and fancy branding. You talked about it all the time and tattooed its name all over your business cards and marketing merchandise.

    But these days things are different – you’ve let your love dwindle and now you barely even notice your long-serving website anymore. You never bring it up in conversation, never buy it new things, and you feel it doesn’t really love you anymore because it doesn’t sparkle and bring in new customers like it used to.

    Well, just like in any other relationship turned mundane, February 14th is the day to rekindle the romance – so here are some tips on how you can show your website some love this Valentine’s Day with effective SEO strategy.

    Give your website a reason to look pretty

    Maybe your website has let itself go because you never do anything exciting together anymore. You might be spending all your time focussing on your new friends Facebook and Twitter, leaving your website felling left out and left behind. Bring the fun back to your website by updating it regularly with offers, discounts, sales, monthly specials and competitions. Giving customers a reason to search for and visit your website on a regular basis will boost your traffic and keep the numbers up in the long-run.

    Take your website out for a meal of fresh content

    Another thing that will keep customers coming back is keeping your website updated with fresh, interesting and relevant content. Not only will it keep customers coming back, but it will keep search engines coming back to crawl your site. If a website is left too long without any updates, search engines will pick up on this lull in activity and will stop bothering to come back to crawl for new content. This in turn will mean a drop in your rankings over time, which makes sense when you think about the reasoning behind it – Google will only display relevant results to searchers, and how can your website be relevant if it’s out-dated?

    Buy your website something new

    If you’ve been neglecting your website for a while, chances are you haven’t spent any money on new features, designs or layouts in quite some time. Now could be a good time to splash out on a gift for your website, such as a design or development update. This could be anything to give your website a fresh look and feel – maybe a social plug-in, a scrolling gallery on the homepage (or updated images if you already have one), some engagement elements such as video or downloadable content or even just a new layout or refreshed branding. And while you’re at it, help it get rid of its old dowdy wardrobe by clearing up messy and unprofessional mishaps such as broken links, missing images or overlooked spelling and grammar issues.

    Give your website a makeover

    These days all the cool kids are browsing the internet from their smartphones and tablets, making your website feel old and embarrassed if it doesn’t render correctly on these screens. And there is no doubt mobile search is here to stay and will only get more popular in years to come.

    As a grand romantic gesture, consider developing a mobile site or investing in a responsive web design overhaul of your website, ensuring you follow all technical SEO best practices. This will make sure your website displays in the most appealing and user-friendly way possible, depending on the type of device it is being viewed on (i.e. a desktop screen will display your website differently to a smartphone screen and differently again on a tablet screen). The reasoning behind this investment is, if the user is getting the best experience possible when looking at your website, then they will find it easier to get the information they’re looking for, increasing the chances of them making that call from your ‘contact us’ page, and decreasing the bounce rate of your site. Not to mention your website will feel beautiful again.

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