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The Benefits of Guest Blogging and How to Use it to Change the Way Your Business Interacts

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    One of the best ways to develop online business and interact with your audience is through blogging, and yet so many people are still unaware of the benefits and capabilities it entails when used properly.

    Businesses go wrong with blogging when they view it like advertising, trying to distribute as much content to as many channels as possible to reel in the prize – but it doesn’t work that way. This is not advertising so spewing content instead of commercials isn’t going to get through to anyone. Great blogging and content devising takes time, creativity, patience and understanding, so before you throw all your bait over the edge and dangle that line– read on to change the way your business interacts with its audience.

    Guest Blogging Will Improve Your Search Engine Rankings and Bring Organic Traffic

    Search engines thrive on fresh and informative content to provide users with the most up-to-date and valuable information. One of the best ways to improve your rankings with major search engines, like Google, is to have links that point back to you known as inbound links – and this is difficult to do without guest blogging.

    Through guest blogging, you are in the advantage of receiving 100% natural (organic) traffic which is directed to your site by the different blogs you post on, so it’s important your targeting good quality and authentic websites with a high page rank.

    To keep on Google’s good side though, make sure you understand when to no-follow a link whilst writing content.

    Guest Blogging Will Boost Your Search Engine Authority and Enhance Your Credibility

    The more content that’s directed to your website, the higher your page rank becomes so it’s no wonder guest blogging is renowned for its constructive assistance in boosting search engine and domain name authority.

    The best way to check if a company or person is worth your time, attention or money is to check their credibility. Enhancing your credibility through a portfolio of educational guest blogs acts as an efficient way to build this trust with both customers and search engines – ultimately increasing your website’s revenue.

    Whilst blogging is better supported with SEO strategies, this method on its on is still effective and doesn’t rely on purchasing advertising space or back-links to work.

    Guest Blogging Will Make You More Influential on the Internet

    Admit it; we all love to be in a position of power where we can drive people to challenge information, act upon something, or stimulate their thoughts for the better. Effective guest blogging increases your grip on a topic and allows readers to identify you more easily – actively building a solid name for yourself and a reliable platform for your business interaction.

    Using Guest Blogging with Author Rank

    The value of Google Authorship is outstanding – so take advantage of it. This authorship connects all your content to your Google Plus profile, making it more searchable in the search engine results and showing both your name and photo next to them. This has multiple benefits for the author including the ability to specifically track the traffic through Google Webmaster Tools – valuable for calculating ROI.

    Make Guest Blogging Part of Your Content Marketing Strategy

    For these reasons and more, it’s crucial for businesses that haven’t already to take the step to incorporate guest blogging into their content marketing strategy.

    Guest blogging is a powerful way to reach target buyers and what influences these buyers are articles, blogs and the content your audience is reading. Don’t just look at guest blogging as a way to build links, but also as a connection with the people in your industry and a chance to build these relationships. In today’s marketing infused world, relationships are like gold and it’s these contacts that lead you to further opportunities – guest blogging is worth the effort for any business.

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