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The Psychology of Sales Conversion

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    To conclude our series of articles on how to effectively sell online, I wanted to finish with a small piece of wisdom I found in a blog post on Entrepreneur.com, written by Jon Rognerud.

    He had this to say in his article entitled “Who Else Wants More Money From Their Landing Pages?“:

    You should set your ego aside, and recognize that most new users who come to your website, have a “bad” or “I’m busy” attitude. If you can generate relevant pages that try to answer their problems quickly (“the 5 second rule to action”) – you are on your way to convert site visitors. The 5-second rule (or less) must engage the user to do something on your site.

    Look to overcome this user psychology and test your pages against them:

    “I’d like to buy, but:
    Can I trust you? If so, prove it!
    Are others buying from you? If so, show me!
    Are you going to be around if I buy from you?
    Is this all too good to be true?”

    Those 5 small lines really do encapsulate exactly what I have been trying to explain to you, just in a shorter version.

    If you can answer these questions powerfully, you’re on the road to increased sales!

    If not, then it’s back to the drawing board until you can.

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