Top 5 Reasons to Develop a Mobile Version of Your Website This Year

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    1. Mobile is where your customers want to find you

    Thinking about where mobile search and mobile websites were just a few short years ago can make your head spin. According to Google, mobile searches have grown 400% in the past three years and show no signs of slowing down. Don’t be left behind with a clunky mobile-unfriendly site displaying to your potential customers. In fact, here’s a statistic that would have any marketing manager racing for a meeting to secure budget to develop a mobile site: a 2011 Compuware study showed 40% of consumers have turned to a competitor’s site after a poor mobile experience.

    2. A mobile site is cheaper to develop than an app

    Before you go over the top at that budget meeting requesting thousands of dollars to develop a mobile app that will provide no extra benefit to your customers than your website can – remember – the cost of creating a mobile version of your website is much cheaper. You can even trial it for free and maintain it for next to nothing using this handy mobile site developer from Google. And the best part? If users create a shortcut to your mobile site on their iPhone by clicking ‘Add to Homescreen’ in the options menu, it will create a lovely branded icon on their homescreen, which when clicked will open in their browser but work much the same as an app.

    3. Mobile Search Usually Means Local Search

    Why can’t people searching on smartphones just wait until they get home to find the information they need about your business on your full site from their laptop or PC? It’s because they’re already in your area, they already know what they want and they already have the cash ready to spend – all that’s left is to find a business nearby supplying what they’re looking for. That’s where your trusty mobile site comes in! If your site is well optimised with your local keywords you’ll be a shoe-in to get that business that’s just swimming around outside your door – like shooting fish in a barrell!

    4. Don’t alienate new users or those with a casual interest in your website

    While mobile apps are no doubt a useful tool for your fans and regular users, 10 app screens on the iPhone interface can fill up pretty quickly, and those download megabytes don’t come cheap. So users who are new to your business or just checking out your prices will be reluctant to download your app straight off the bat. Rather than forcing them to choose between this or pinching and zooming to navigate through your full site in their smartphone browser, make sure you have an easily navigatable mobile site where they can be converted from casual users to number one fans and loyal customers.

    5. Help potential customers find reasons to choose your business

    Typically if customers need to use their phones to search for your services on the go they’re likely looking on Google for something specific and immediate. As we already mentioned – they know what they want and they’re ready to spend their money – they don’t even want to wait to get home or back to the office. They may be looking for your menu, checking your prices for comparison while standing in a competitor’s store, or checking if you have something in stock that may be sold out by a competitor. Don’t lose out on customers who are desperate to spend their cash with you – give them quick access to the information they need on the go.

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