Using an About.me page to build your personal brand online

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    For years the internet has presented a wealth of opportunities to help you build up your personal brand, making it easy to share your expertise, experience and interests with others – colleagues, clients, prospects, employers, potential employers, family and friends. But with so many social media sites springing up over the past few years – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, the list goes on – it’s handy to have a single hub to present all the elements of your personal brand in one place, linking out to each of your networks. That’s where About.me comes in handy, and here are some tips on how to make the most of your About.me page.

    1. Before you begin

    About.me pages can look really slick and eye catching as long as the content and style is well thought through. A hard and fast rule is to keep it simple and focussed. Before you begin writing your biography or adding your details you should take a while to hone in on your personal brand’s key messages. Ask yourself what are the qualities you want to be known for and what is your specialty or niche. Remember – no one can be an expert in everything, so don’t try to focus on too many things. Once you have this list ready, prepare an engaging sentence or two to describe your expertise in each area. Pick out the quality or skill that is most important and use this as your sub-heading/tagline. Use the rest to fill out your biography section. Then take some time to choose a suitably professional yet eye-catching image for your page’s background and put some thought into the font style and sizes you want to use.

    2. Setting up your About.me page for optimum search rankings

    In order to improve the ranking of your About.me page in search results there are a number of things you can do when setting it up:

    • Make sure to use your full name in the URL you choose, for example https://about.me/charlesryder, as well as in the ‘name’ field. This will also make you more easily discoverable in the username search on About.me.
    • The next step is to include the informative and engaging bio you prepared earlier. If people find the information about you they were looking for on your About.me page it decreases the chance they will press the ‘back’ button and retreat to the search results. Your bio also acts as your page’s meta description in search results.
    • When editing the biography section make sure to add tags so you can be found in category searches. About.me allows you to add 10 tags that best describe you, so people can find your page when searching for generic terms like ‘architect’ or ‘web designer’

    3. Link out and link back

    The About.me interface provides a simple way to link out to all your other online profiles, blogs and website. However, don’t forget to link back to your About.me page from all of those other pages too. Here’s a handy blog post with instructions on how best to display your About.me link on each of your other social media profiles. And don’t forget to include a link in your email signature. You can even use it to tidy up your signature and replace all those other icons cluttering it up (Twitter, Facebook etc), because your About.me page holds all that link information. Remember – the more links you have pointing to your page the higher it will appear in search rankings.

    4. Take it offline

    As well as linking to your page on other sites, the simplicity of the about.me/username link means you can easily and effectively use it on printed documents, such as resumes, business cards, proposals, brochures and flyers.

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