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Using Video in Your Marketing Mix

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    With the skyrocketing popularity of using social networking as part of your marketing mix, it’s becoming apparent that most social media platforms rank content that is interactive a bit higher than a simple status update. Facebook’s Edgerank algorithm is a classic example, it ranks updates based on weight as well as affinity and time. The weight portion is how important Facebook sees a certain update. Images and videos are heavier ‘weights’ than a text status update. Affinity is based on the interaction between the user and the poster, and time is.. well how old the post is.

    This isn’t only a good idea for social networking, but for your regular blog posts as well. It’s a great way to get some interaction on your site, and to show your customers and readers a personal touch.

    Why Use Video?

    At first, making videos to convey your message or data to your audience might seem like an overwhelming task; however with webcams and screen capture software, it is actually quite easy and can be fun to produce. Once you have learned a few basics, it’s a great idea to just get practice with your voice overs and fitting your message into a minute or two. One of the main problems with writing a really informative article with all your screen shots and graphs is that it can get too long, and overwhelming. People aren’t generally willing to spend 15 minutes reading and getting their mind around dense information in an article, but they are usually more than willing to watch a 2 min video on the same subject.

    Does This Help With SEO?

    Nowadays, video and images can be indexed a lot easier than in the past. With Schema snippets, you can identify a video in the HTML of your page, so that search engine robots can see that you do in fact have some content on the page. It’s easy to do this when publishing your post, using the ‘VideoObject’ property. Another must is to add a video sitemap to your site, which is similar to adding a normal sitemap, but in a way that Google can find all your videos. You can see more info at Google Webmasters Support.


    Making and distributing your videos can also help with your online reputation. All web marketing is there to increase your reputation, but having a few videos can put a face and voice to the message. With Google’s focus on authorship, you can gather user ratings or reviews on your content if you also post them to YouTube or Google Plus page, which will then be associated with your website or blog.

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