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    The economy is tough at the moment in WA, domestically and internationally and since the global financial crisis (“GFC”) of 2008 the world has become a different place to do business in. A lot has changed in all industries globally since the financial services firm Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy on September 15 of 2008 which provided the catalyst for the GFC. However market cycles are no stranger to the economy and when the market isn’t booming, there is opportunity to go back to basics and focus on what sets your business apart from the competition. Here are seven video marketing tips you can use immediately to help leverage your brand message, boost your SEO results and reach more customers.

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    Although it isn’t appropriate for all businesses to have a presence on Facebook, with an active Australian base of 13.8 million users this represents 58.03% of the entire Australian population is ACTIVELY using Facebook. When you eyeball these numbers, it is hard to not keep what is working on Facebook at the forefront of your mind when marketing a business. The above chart shows the reach for content on Facebook from 1 October 2014 to 4 February 2015. The sample size was measuring 4,445 brands with over 670,000 posts on Facebook. The results clearly show Video is the flavour of this point in time for Facebook’s algorithm that calculates what should and what should not be given preference to be shown to users from company pages.

    With this basis established, let’s have a look at some emerging tools, video marketing tips and tricks you can use for your business straight away to have your company’s voice audible in today’s noisy online marketing environment.

    Filming Your Website Content

    I’ve often declared, people are lazy. The internet has worked so well because it delivers information instantly to the end user on demand at their convenience. The internet started out like a book with text only, then it grew up and blossomed with photos, and now it has video. Video everywhere. YouTube has 13.5 million active monthly users in Australia and with emphasis on higher speeds (the NBN) and faster mobile connections (5G is on its way) more and more content will be uploaded by business to market their points of difference.

    What we have been starting to do at White Chalk Road is record some key events we host to help the Perth community better understand the intricacies of online marketing. Most recently, we recorded Charles Ryder, CEO, giving a speech to a packed house we hosted for the Victoria Park Chambers of Commerce. The speech was an overview of WCR, and how we can help add value to your marketing mix. At 22 mins in length, Charles covered five key messages and provided a lot of invaluable insight. With videoing this message, not only do we capture that information that a lot of business owners would be interested in hearing and provide an opportunity to watch it at their convenience, we can also get the video transcribed so we have the text to use as another page on our website. Take a look at the Video by subscribing to our YouTube channel.

    Providing a Range of Video Content

    What may seem boring to you, like a video of your office or operations, could be valuable and engaging content for a prospective client.  Don’t discount the value of your knowledge and expertise, every chance to capture it is an opportunity to maximise the leverage power it has for sales.

    With so much information being sent and received now via streaming services and on demand video, are you ready to take advantage of the shift in how Perth accesses information or are you going to be left behind?

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