What’s Remarketing / Retargeting and which Strategy is Best for You?

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    Google Remarketing Ads, also known as retargeting, is a form of text or image advertisements and works based on two main concepts or a combination of both.

    Site-Remarketing or Search-Remarketing?

    A Site-Remarketing Campaign is aimed at showing your ads to internet users who have already visited your website. As you’re spending marketing dollars on getting potential customers to your website, either through traditional methods or online marketing, this form of remarketing will leverage your efforts and only target those customers again with the aim to convert them into a lead/sale.

    remarketing diagram

    A Google Search-Remarketing Campaign is aimed at showing your ads to internet users through the Google Ads Network, who have shown an interest in your product or service by visiting related websites and being identified through their search history focusing on your target keywords. This concept is particularly interesting if you’re looking to expand your reach of prospects or are looking for an alternative way of attracting attention. 

    retargeting diagram

    Why Should I Consider Remarketing?

    Remarketing ads generally result in a high number of low cost conversions (sales or leads), because the ads are being shown to people who have already visited your website or similar websites, are highly targeted, are familiar with your brand and may have considered purchasing your product or service already. Don’t waste marketing dollars getting customers to your website only to lose the sale – bring them back and close the deal!

    Which Platform is the Best for my Campaign?

    retargeting suppliers

    The team at WCR has been reviewing the pros and cons of each of these platforms and have access to each of these systems for our clients. The findings of our research were mixed and no one platform can do it all. Some offer search, other site remarketing on small budgets from $500/month with a simple interface, where others offer a unique integration into Facebook Ads, email campaigns and product feeds. Some lack transparency on the reporting, while others offer rich insights.

    Platform/Criteria Method Budget Integration Reach Comment
    Adrolll Site-retargeting &
    Contextual Targeting*
    1k+/month &
    5k/month for advanced testing
    Google, Facebook
    Yahoo, Microsoft
    Worldwide Reach of 98% of sites on the Internet
    Chango Search-retargeting &
    limited site-retargeting
    10k+/month CRM
    US, Canadian and UK markets – Not yet available in Australia, high initial set-up cost
    Google Site-retargeting &
    limited search-retargeting
    No min spend Google network only Worldwide No Facebook integration
    Perfect Audience Site-retargeting &
    Email retargeting
    No min spend Google, Facebook
    Yahoo, Microsoft
    Worldwide Simple Platform with basic report
    Retargeter Site-retargeting &
    search retargeting
    1.5k+/month Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Microsoft Worldwide Larger volume sites/platform lacks transparency
    Triggit Site-retargeting Custom pricing (est. 1.5+/month) Mainly Facebook – suitable for product feeds (e-commerce sites) Worldwide Smaller reach but advanced targeting features

    *based on category of your site and similar sites rather than search query

    Talk to us about which platform would be most suitable for you and we can assist you with putting a remarketing strategy in place for you to leverage your current online marketing with SEO or Google Ads or both.

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