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Why and How to Blog – Tips and Tricks Your Company Needs to Know About

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    In a recent presentation by Hub Spot, an inbound marketing software platform, the latest statistics have been revealed on blogging and how important it is for businesses. Blogging has become one of the most effective ways to attract potential customers to your website and companies are fast cluing onto the benefits it offers. Anyone who wants to drive traffic to their website and establish thought leadership should blog.

    Who Reads a Blog?

    • Search engines thrive on a good blog and read for keywords, links and context.
    • Existing and potential customers are drawn to your blog for helpful and educational content.
    • Sharers and influences in the industry will be attracted to your blog to add value to their networks and share useful, relevant information.

    Blogging is one tool businesses have to attract strangers to their site and convert them into happy, paying customers. For blogging to work at its peak, it should be integrated with other marketing tools such as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), social media, email and lead management.

    Does Blogging Really Work Though?

    Often blogging is the first step in turning complete strangers into promoters of your business and brand.

    But, it doesn’t just stop there. Blog content, good blog content, supports every stage of the customer journey.

    Frequency is important for blogs – the right strategy is consistency – consistency of value. For blogging to really work every post you publish must make the reader think, and inspire them and educate them in some way.

    Supporting the Entire Customer Journey

    Blogging supports all stages of the customer journey by driving organic traffic directly to your website. This organic traffic converts.

    1. 5x better than referral traffic and,
    2. 2x better than paid traffic. Once visitors arrive at your blog they are provided with calls-to-action, products and services, additional blog posts and site navigation.

    Once this traffic has been successfully turned into leads, blogging helps to establish authority in the industry by providing educational content that builds trust in your company. This trust is crucial for maintaining and attracting customers.

    So Yes, It Really Does Work!

    The average company that blogs generates:

    1. 55% more website visitors
    2. 97% more inbound links.
    3. 434% more indexed pages. Based on these statistics it’s safe to say that the more you blog, the more customers you generate.
    • 82% of marketers who blog daily acquire customers from their blog.
    • 57% of marketers who blog monthly acquire customer from their blog.

    What Should a Great Blog Post Consider?

    1. Topics: What do people care about?
    2. Keywords: What are the keywords people use to find those topics?
    3. Scannable formatting: Can your readers effectively scan through the content and still be educated?
    4. Most people only read 60% of your blog post!

    6 Blog Post Writing Tips

    1. Write to communicate a message, not for word count.
    2. Create fresh content that is interesting for your target audience.
    3. Write posts people will want to link to and share.
    4. Don’t be self-promotional.
    5. Think like a teacher and teach your audience something useful.
    6. Use visuals including images, headers and sub-headers and bullet points to make your content easily digestible.

    Generating Content Ideas

    Content ideas can come from anywhere and doesn’t always have to be about brand new content.

    1. Idea backlog: If you don’t have one, start one!
    2. Interviews: Other industry experts and people whose opinion is valued.
    3. News: Write about the latest industry news story.
    4. Talking to co-workers and brainstorm meeting.
    5. Customer questions: What problems have been brought up by customers? How can you help solve them? Blogging is one of the most valuable tools that a business has to engage with customers. It fuels SEO, shows your expertise, makes you think and creates a two-way conversation with your customers, prospects and industry people.

    Whilst the rewards won’t happen overnight, a great blog is the heart of your content marketing efforts so needs creativity, time and consistency to stimulate your audience.

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