Why Does SEO Take So Long?

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    As frustrating as it may be for business owners, the old saying “all good things take time” persistently applies in the practice of Search Engine Optimisation.

    Why does SEO take so long is the question marketers seem to be asking on a day-to-day basis, the answer is simply that the process is a frequent and time consuming one in making sure your dollars are well spent and the desired results are obtained.

    To fully understand why it’s such a prolonged achievement, one needs to recognise how SEO and search engines work.

    The Lengthy Components

    It is important to take into account that most of your rivals have spent a decade or more building their websites, and the links to them. A comprehensive competitive analysis identifies and interprets every link that leads to these competitors in the first few pages of search results that rank for your chosen keywords.

    Bear in mind that most of your competitors will also have the same keywords as you. This adds to the time it takes to see your website pass them on the ranking ladder and should be incorporated into the SEO time frame.

    Starting the Engine

    Once these pages have been read by the search engine, they will be indexed and stored accordingly in the search engine databases. Consequently, older websites will logically have a higher ranking as opposed to new websites due to the time search engines have had in indexing the pages.

    Gaining the Engines Trust

    As in any relationship, trust is a crucial element and takes time to gain. Google is no different and prefers to not rush this trust building process.

    Google becomes wary when links gain too much popularity in a short amount of time. Overnight link building may give you the “benefits” you want, but they are ones that won’t last and could result in the site being banned.

    Simply put – Google rarely trusts speed, so patience is the key to gaining its trust.

    High Quality Links

    Building links from sites with credibility is another way to ensure your rankings will increase. It’s important to have high quality links to reap the rewards, but link building in itself is not a one day process, instead it requires continuous work and time to attract.

    Social media channels like Google Plus and Facebook are highly recommended opportunities for link building, and ones that are generally overlooked. When structuring your links, trustworthy tools like Backlink Hunter and Backlink Analysis can be extremely helpful in finding the high quality links your website will need.

    Website Content

    Another lengthy piece of the SEO progress is implementing the content of a webpage. Search engines give praise to keyword-rich sites and thus results in a higher page ranking. Finding good content takes time; research, and interesting writing techniques and material.

    Changes to your website are beneficial in keeping the content fresh and engaging, conversely, these changes do take time to be reviewed and tweaked by search engines slowing down the SEO process.

    So Stop Watching the Clock

    As time consuming as it may be, and as impatient as we may get in its progression, Search Engine Optimisation is well worth the wait for increased traffic to your website and to see a reputable search rank listing.

    Remember, SEO providers are doing you a favour by taking this required time to build links and gain the results you need, so if it doesn’t happen straight away, know that the end result will be a much more beneficial one for you and your business.

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